Wonky Star Block

I've made my first wonky star block and I love it! A big thanks Jess for introducing it to our Bee in Oz.

I used the tutorial found here at Silly BooDilly. It's a fun block to make and I will definitely be making more in future.

My block is a little bit scrappy - but in my defense, the fabrics Jess sent were so fun, that it was hard to choose which ones to use or not use.

I still have some fabric left, so might make another one (with some of my fabric) to send back.

In other news, I also received a parcel from America this week (which is always exciting).

Mary of Mariliz's Musings was my partner in the Block Swap Adventure and sent me this gorgeous block. I love the gorgeous charcoal fabric. Thanks Mary :-)

I'm still stalking my postman for my mug rugs for the swap which was run by The Quilting Gallery.

They were meant to be here by the end of February, so fingers crossed they arrive this week.


I also want to bring this QUILT AUCTION to your attention - help make a difference in Angel's Life. 

Visit sewjournal's blog for more information.


  1. Love your scrappy wonky star!

  2. The wonky star looks fantastic! I love the strippy centre!

  3. The wonky star is wonkalicious. I received my mug rugs only the other day. They will come.

  4. You are having a wonky time lately. Unfortunately my piecing can sometimes end up wonky when I least want it to... Tracee xx

  5. Your star looks great Anorina. You had the same background fabric as I did. Thanks for publicising the Charity Auction. I really hope we can help Angel.

  6. Your star is wonderful. I still haven't made my star for the Bee - I'm a bit nervous as I've never made a wonky one before. The block you received is beautiful.

  7. I love your wonky star! I'm so glad you received the block, I was starting to worry.

  8. Hi, your mug rugs are on their way to you since february 12th per Air Mail from Germany!
    I hope they soon will arrive!
    Your Swap-Partner


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