Survivor and Lindt Chocolate

Well being the true fan that I am, I followed Jeff Probst's live tweets about the episode of Survivor being aired in America.

I found out that I chose the right person to be eliminated so this means I should still be sitting pretty on top of the Fantasy League Ladder.

Someone asked me what the prize is if I win. The answer is nothing - except for the knowledge that I'm the ultimate fan... and that maybe I've watched this show for too long :-)

About 5 minutes after Jeff's last tweet the doorbell chimed.

My lovely parcel lady brought me this package containing the deliciousness which is Lindt chocolate.

I'd won it through a random draw over at Kidspot.

With Easter fast approaching, Lindt have some lovely new Easter gift packs. Yum!

Thank you Kidspot and Lindt. My little Miss has already claimed the bunny ears.


  1. Yummy yummy - nice head start for easter :)

  2. Yum!! Chocolate!! We had hot cross buns for breakfast this morning.

  3. Chocolate. I gave it up for lent. This is going to kill me!!!!

  4. I did not follow Jeff's tweets because Survivor is not telecast same time as US. Were you so sad when Russell was ousted? No more drama from the little guy. Sob.


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