Stitched Pyjama Cushion - Tutorial

My son loves to draw. Loves, loves, loves to draw. His usual drawings are of super fast cars with fire coming out of the back and rockets and smoke - you get my drift.

The other day, he drew a picture of a robot. This robot had lot's of button on its front which did different things. One of my favourite buttons when pressed would open up his front and a cake would come out. My kind of button.

I decided to make something out of one of his drawings which he can keep and use and last for a long time. Much longer than a picture drawn on the back of some scrap paper.

Here's my quick tutorial on how to make a robot pyjama cushion.

Firstly take your childs drawing and trace it onto some fabric using the blue stitchery marker (the blue ink disappears when you spray it with water). I've used a bone coloured homespun fabric for mine.

Using 2 or 3 strands of embroidery floss, stitch your design. Use what ever colour you like or multiple colours. I decided to use 2 strands of DMC floss # 3799 - charcoal and back stitched the whole design. Satin stitch for the buttons on the robots chest.

Trim your picture down to size. I've trimmed mine with a 3/4" border around the outer most stitched area.

Now you'll make a quilted envelop style cushion. As it's for a child, the quilting will help keep it in shape and make it more sturdy and robust. Yes, robust is a good thing for a 5 year old.

I added 3" strips around the centre stitchery and then decided that it wasn't the shape I wanted, so I added another 3" strip of a co-ordinating fabric on only the 2 vertical sides to give it a better shape and size. 
Your cushion will depend on the size of your stitched design and ultimately, the size you want your finished pyjama cushion to be.

This is your cushion top. Add a layer of batting and a backing fabric. This can be anything you like as you won't see it once it's inside the cushion.

Quilt as desired. I've decided to just quilt a meandering pattern all around - but not on the stitchery.

To make the back of your cushion, cut a piece of co-ordinating fabric, approximately 5" smaller than twice the width of your cushion top. This will make the envelope style pocket on the cushion back. Add your batting and backing and quilt it too. 

Now trim both top and back of your cushion so they're the same width. Cut the back in half (which should be just shorter than the width of your cushion top - this is so that you can insert your cushion. Add a binding to the 2 inside edges.

Now it's time to put it all together.

Place your cushion top (right side up) on a flat surface. Place one piece of your cushion back right side down with right side edges facing and the binding in the centre. Add your other piece of the back on the opposite side of the cushion, ensuring it is aligned with the edge of the cushion and the binding in the centre.

Pin it and sew along all sides approximately 1/2" from the edge. 

Trim the corners so that when you turn it out, you have a lovely sharp corner.

This is the inside of the cushion
Flip out one half  and insert the cushion. I didn't have a cushion of the right size, so I cut open the one I had, pulled out a little bit of the wadding and sewed it back together. Perfect size made to order ;-)

Flip out the other half and there you have one finished cushion.

Because we made the pocket at the back so long, you can now fit in your childs pyjamas into it's special little hiding space.

And there you have a lovely little pyjama cushion, designed by your child which makes it extra special.

Sitting proudly on the bed with his Transformer mask, ready for him to come home from school to see it.

I hope this tutorial has made sense. Please let me know if you see anything which doesn't make sense or which needs changing.

As always, if you make this cushion using my tutorial, I'd love to see a photo.


  1. So cool! Will have to do that with some of my sons drawings!

  2. What an excellent use for a child's drawing!
    He might want you to make cushions out of all his drawings now, so you can sell the image online and he can earn money faster LOL

  3. Awesome!!! I love making things with my kids drawings!

  4. What a cute robot!I love the idea of a drawing being "immortalized" like this. Well done mum.

  5. What a great idea,love it. Will definitely have to do this with Jack when he is older.

  6. Fantastic way to use children's art....

  7. That's the most lovely idea.Fantastic!

  8. Your son must be super excited you made a masterpiece of his drawing! You're an awesome mom!

  9. The little robot is so cute! My mum made library bags with our drawings stitched on. She got us to draw what we wanted onto thin paper then she pinned the paper onto the fabric and stitched over it then tore the paper off. That was in the days before the amazing blue markers. I was so proud of my library bag!!

  10. Great tutorial. Love the pyjama pocket. Your son's art has been made into something really special - wonderful idea


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