The start of something new

Spent a lovely day with my sister, my nephews and my kids. After chatting with my sis, I'm inspired to start something new (as is she). 

Not sure where it'll go or whether it'll work, but here's hoping.

So in aid of our new endeavour, here is a little something I started working on last night:

hmmm.... looks a little over exposed, maybe this one is better:

... okay this one is a little bit dark ...

Wish that sun would finally come out so I could take better photos (it's the weather, not the photographer :-p). Looks like a wet weekend ahead.

Ciao for now xo


  1. Nothing like something new to get the blood pumping.Very nice colours .....hugs

  2. I love your fabrics & the block pattern. How big is the square?


Thank you for your comment.

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