BAKING: Portuguese Easter Cake - Folar da Páscoa

Every year, my mum makes folares. Portugues Easter cakes. Each region of Portugal has their own traditional way of making them. Some are made with sticky dough and turn out more like cakes. The ones from Algarve (which is where my family originates) are more like a bread dough. They dough is sectioned, rolled out buttered and sprinkled with lots of sugar and cinnamon. A little dough is kept aside, to shape into a cross to top the cake.

They're usually baked in tall, narrow tins. The folares from Algarve usually have a whole boiled egg baked into the middle of the cake. Or... if you have chickens which are laying more than you can handle, lots of eggs within the cake.

These cakes are then gifted to friends and family at Easter time.

I decided to have a go at making my own folar yesterday and even though not traditional, it is quite delicious. I'm very pleased with the result and glad that I curbed my fear and had a go at making it myself (with the help of my kids), continuing the family tradition. 

Happy Easter my friends. I hope you have a lovely blessed weekend with your family and dear ones.

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