The TM5

I bought a new toy. I saved and saved and saved and last night, my new toy arrived.

Here she is; my new Thermomix TM5. She is as yet unnamed, but I'll work on that. 

My lovely Thermo rep brought it over last night and gave me the demo.

We're out to a family lunch today, so I thought I'd take some tummies with me. After morning coffee, I got to work.

Garlic and herb butter from scratch and including herbs from my garden.

I then made a herb and garlic pull-apart loaf (and used half the butter).

A regular loaf of white bread (I needed something to smear the rest of the garlic and herb butter, didn't I?

Some chocolate chip cookies...

And some pineapple sorbet.

Not bad for a couple of hours in the kitchen. 

Now, I need your advice. 

If you have a Thermo, what are some of your favourite recipes?

And, more importantly, what should I call my new lady?


  1. How about....Thelma Thermo...Sounds good...Lol!!

  2. Jeanie - Like "I dream of Jeanie" as she can whip up a meal in a flash.

  3. Hi Anorina ,well done ,everything looks fantastic ,I haven't tried bread in mine yet.Maybe you could call her Floss,have fun,I think these machines are amazing.xx

  4. You've already made one of my favourite recipes - sorbet! My fav flavour is mango. I also love the butter chicken recipe in the Thermomix recipe book (though I leave out the nuts, use a bit less water, a bit more chicken and thicken it with some instant mashed potato during the last 5 mins of cooking). I always boil my eggs in the thermomix and make 'chocolate squares' - recipe here (so easy and delicious!). Mashed potato, choc chip biscuits, Anzacs and yoghurt are also favs. I want to make some herbed butter and a pull apart after seeing yours! Oh a name...Pippin. No idea why. It was my daughter's suggestion!!

  5. About a month ago another blogger said she splurged and got one. I had never heard of them! Not sure if we have them in the States! Must be an Australia thing!! ;0) I would call her Vera! (Kind of a take on the parent company name!!)

  6. Not sure on the name but I love my I love my thermie. I make all sorts of things. Lots of quirky cooking recipes.

  7. Ok I'll bite what is it or what does it do????

  8. Damn! I've only ever heard of these in whispers and now I'm wondering if I should get one. That pull apart alone would make it worth it's price tag!


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