Scrappy Strip Pillow {Free Tutorial}

Introducing my Scrappy Strip Pillow. It’s been such a fun little sewing diversion and I encourage you to have a go at making one. It won’t take long and you get to play with your scrap tubs, which is always a bonus, right? If you dont like sewing with scrap, well go ahead and make this with strips of our favourite fabrics.

Putting this together was very (VERY) easy. I started with a pile of strips. These were the selvedges cut from my previous project. I had 8” x WOF (approximately) of the prints, so cut approx 1.5” at the top of the cut while it was still folded - yielding 2 scrappy strips to use here. Yes, there may have been a plan to use these scrappy selvedge strips right at the start of my previous Tulip Table runner project.

Cut (4) 8” squares of batting. This is another great way to use up smaller pieces of batting. Better still, zig zag straight edges together to make larger usable pieces of batting.

Draw a line across the batting squares diagonally. I just used a frixion pen but any sort of marker is fine and it will be covered up. The line is really just used as a guide when laying out the strips.
I then cut the squares in half which yielded (8) 4” x 8” pieces of batting.

I didn’t use any backing fabric which I made my pillow, but if you prefer to have a layer of fabric at the back of the batting, now would be the time to cut these.

Sit at the machine with your piles of batting and strips and begin by placing a strip on the line ensuring that it over laps the edges of the batting by about an 1” on both top and bottom.

Place the next strip directly on top of the first one (again ensuring there is an overlap of fabric over the edges of the batting). Sew through the 2 layers of fabric and the batting.

Flip the top piece over and finger press the seam down. There shouldn’t be any batting showing on top or bottom of the strip. If there is, I’m sorry, you have a date with the seam ripper (don’t ask me how I know this).

Continue to add more strips. Sewing the seam and flipping. I decided to quilt straight lines on my strip, before progressing onto the next one. Keep going until the piece of batting is covered.
Repeat this for all of the pieces of batting. Trim the excess fabric by flipping the pieces over and using the batting as a guide.

Arrange them on a flat surface so that you’re pleased with a layout and then sew it all together. Take a moment to admire the scrappy deliciousness of your work.

During the week, I received a set of Impressions Orange Peel Templates from the Fat Quarter Shop. I traced around the 6” and 4” peels with a frixion pen to use as a hand quilting guide. Yes, I know frixion pens are evil and a big no-no with quilters, but I’ve never had a problem with them so will keep using them… in secret of course (Shhhhh!!)

I quilted with Perle 8 cotton in black so that the shapes would stand out. The hand quilting wasn’t necessary, but I just love the texture and look of hand work on my projects.

Envelope back and black and white stripe binding finish this project off nicely. A 14” cushion insert fits perfectly inside. I get my 14” inserts from Ikea for only a few dollars. I only have 2 left, so perhaps I need a trip to Ikea soon ;-)

Now, please go forth and make some scrappy strip pillows. If you do, please send me a photo or tag me on social media (@SameliasMum or #SameliasMum). I would love, love, love to see them.

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  1. Easy to follow tutorial. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the time spent and the great directions. Some people are able to give directions so easy so people can understand. I'll keep watching for more. Again thank you


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