Meet the Monster Girls

If you have a little school girl in your life, between the ages of say 5 to around 8, you will probably have heard of Monster High. The cartoon films, the dolls, the school bags, the colouring and activity books, the drink bottles, the clothes...........

My little 6 year old miss, discovered Monster High mid last year and has herself a little collection of dolls which she received for Christmas from various family members. There was a fair amount of coordinating involved, so that she wouldn't receive doubles.


In my mind, these dolls are really not very age appropriate, but Amelia treats them like she does her Barbies.

Frankie Stein

They get dressed and undressed (many, many times each day).

They visit the Barbies at the Dreamhouse and Ken or Flynn Rider (from the Disney Tangled movie) take them for rides in the Barbie car.

Clawdeen Wolf

Sometimes they have tea-parties with Rainbow Dash or Pinky Pie (my little ponies).

Abbey Bominable

These girls may be vampires or wolves, but they get on just fine with the rest of the toys in Amelia's bedroom and imagination.

Has your little girl discovered Monster High yet?


  1. i agree that they are not age appropriate but my girls just love them

  2. lol unusual dolls,but as long as Amelia likes them,i can see that they would be fun.xx


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