Banana Mini Rice Bites {Kid Friendly Recipe}

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In our pantry, we have a bowl. We call it the “treat bowl”. It’s just a glass salad bowl which I picked up at Ikea or Kmart and it’s where I keep all of the treats for the kids.

When I say ‘treats’, I mean little snack size packets of Tiny Teddies, muesli bars, potato chips or Oreos. Those sorts of things, which they love, but are only allowed to have one each day.

In the mornings, I make their school lunches with a sandwich, 2 pieces of fruit and they go into the pantry to choose their treat. There is usually a lot of noise and arguing if it’s the last of a particular favourite, but they work it out… eventually.


Sun Rice Mini Bites


The potato chips or BBQ shapes always go first. The muesli bars are their next favourites and the Oreo’s seem to stay until the very end.

Well, the other week, we received some new crackers to try out, and I have to admit they were very popular with the kids (and I didn’t mind them either).

SunRice Mini Bites. Yum! These little rice cakes are packed with whole grains and contain less fat than potato chips, which makes them the perfect lunch box snack.

We sometimes buy the bigger packs of SunRice Rice Cakes (love, love, love the sour cream and chives flavoured one). But once they’re open, we tend to eat the whole pack very quickly. The SunRice Mini Bites are portion controlled little bags of deliciousness, which are just so much easier when running out the door, and grabbing a quick treat to eat on the go.

SunRice Mini Bites come in Spooky Original, Creepy Cheese and Devlish Chicken. The chicken ones (green packet) were the all round favourite at our house. The flavours are natural and tasty.

Admittedly, the kids weren’t too fussed on the Spooky Original ones, so we decided to make them a little bit fancy.

We’ve called these our Banana Mini Rice Bites and you really must have a go at making these with your little people. With the school holidays on the way, having the kids help out in the kitchen is a good way to keep boredom at bay.


Banana Mini Rice Bites


Banana Mini Rice Bites

Smear a little cream cheese or ricotta onto the Spooky Original Mini Bites.

Drizzle a little bit of honey over the cheese.

Add a slice of banana and sprinkle with some cinnamon.


My little lady has a friend coming by on Sunday and wants to make these to share with her friend for morning tea. I think that we’re onto a winner with our Banana Mini Rice Bites.

SunRice Mini Bites are available in the health food aisle at Woolworths.


Do your kids love to help in the kitchen?

What are some of your favourite “kid helping friendly” recipes?

What other ingredient combinations would you try to make the Spooky Original Mini Bites a little more “fancy”?

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  1. Hmmm - school lunches in the morning - I had forgotten what that was like!!! banana Mini Rice Bites look yummy - I will have to try that with the grandies - I also have forgotten how hungry kids are when they get home from school!!


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