Colour of Maroc {Review}

Colour of Maroc is a collection of stories inspired by people, food, and travel experiences seen through the eyes of Rob, the Aussie photographer and Sophia, his French/Moroccan wife.


Colours of Maroc


Colour of Maroc, is not just a recipe book filled pretty pictures. Rather, we learn about this exotic country, through the camera lens of Rob the photographer, and his wife Sophia as she rediscovers her past and her heritage.

From the moment I turned the first, beautiful gold embossed page, I was drawn in. It’s a thick book with a luxurious hard textured cover, filled with stunning beauty.




Colour of Maroc unveils a Moroccan cuisine, both traditional and contemporary, brimming with flavour.







I think one of the reasons that this book has attracted my attention so much is because I have a southern European background. Many of the flavour combinations are similar to how my family cooks…and how I cook.




Recipes filled with meats, spices, grains and preserved fruits. Ingredients which we don’t see everyday here in Australia, but which have been brought to life in this book and inspire the reader to research the purchase of ingredients.

If you’d like to learn more about Morocco, it’s people and cuisine, this book is a good one for your collection. Through Rob and Sofia’s eyes, Morocco dazzles with life and colour and offers up an inspiring collection of recipes bursting with flavour.

ISBN: 9781743360712

Australian Publication Date: October 2013

Publisher: Murdoch Books



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