My Week According to Instagram

It’s been a quiet week for me this week.

After being crazy busy last fortnight and then heading to Victoria, this week was blessedly calm. I like calm.

1. Special label cider from my Brother in Law and new Sister in Law’s wedding. Check out Brewtopia to make your own special occasion wine, cider or beer.

2. My Chi Chi Metallic Nail Strips from Target. I’m waiting for a special occasion to wear this lovelies. I’m not sure how long they’d last with the amount of cooking and dishwashing I do on a daily basis.

3. Roasted Spiced Chickpeas. Yummy. Crunchy. Get the recipe HERE.

4. Hallmark Lunch Notes for Kids. I met the Hallmark representative at a recent blogging event and we talked about these little notepads (all with different inspirational notes) which are perfect to pop into kids lunchboxes. Such a great idea and it certainly made my little man feel special.

Instagram Collage 24 Feb

5. My Strippy Trippy Pillow made with leftover 2.5” strips and then hand quilted. It’s bright. It’s comfy and it makes me happy.

6. Baby Boy Quilt – it’s not coming along as well as I’d hoped. The colour blocks aren’t working for me, so I’m going un-pick what I’ve put together so far and then add a 1” dark blue sash between all of the blocks. Hopefully it will outline the blocks nicely and make them pop.

7. Lemon & Coconut Cupcakes just out of the oven. The recipe will be on the blog this week.

8. The above cupcakes, iced in the Philly (with a touch of lemon) Cream Cheese Frosting. I suggested some coconut on top, but the kids turned their noses up at that idea so we went with pink, yellow and pearl sprinkles.

9. Almost forgot one. McCormicks Grillmates - Mediterranean Chicken. Have you tried this seasoning before? I sprinkled it on my chicken drumsticks and we all loved it. Not too spicy which means that the kids enjoyed it too.


McCormick Mediterranean Chicken Grillmates


Did you have a good week?

What are you most looking forward to this coming week?


The weather forecast for this week is for rain, rain and more rain so I plan on spending some time at my sewing machine. With Easter on the way, I have plenty of ideas which I’d like to share with you – I just need to get the samples finished and the instructions right before sharing :)

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  1. Yum those cupcakes look really tasty !
    love it if you could make me something your so crafty cute pillow.


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