Metallic Leopard Print = Irresistible

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It’s Beauty Week at Target. Cosmetics, skin care, face wash, hand cream, make up, fragrances, nail care, gifts ... it's all on sale right now at Target.

Now I’m not one for buying copious amounts of beauty products. To be honest, I don’t really wear much make up.

Once upon a time, I used to. When I had a corporate job. Wearing proper clothes. Oh, and proper shoes. Nice healed, shiny shoes.

Now I just don’t have the time – I mean seriously, trying to get 2 kids out of bed, fed and dressed is no walk in the park. I like to make school lunches in the morning, which takes a bit of extra time. And then it’s time to throw on some clothes, and run out the door and into the car by 7:45 am.

My one little beauty treatment, which is all mine, is nails. I love love love getting my nails done. I go to my local nail salon once every 3 weeks-ish and sit there while they make my nails look so pretty.

Nails 1

If you following me on IG, you will see nail photos usually only moments after I have had them done.

Usually sitting in the car - at the first set of traffic lights on my way home…

Nails 2

I generally go with reds, all different shades of red, but over the festive season, I decided to go sparkly gold. Noice, no?

Nails 3

So where am I going with all of this “nail talk”?

Well I recently discovered nail wraps. They’re sticky nail strips which last for up to 10 days. There are some really fun and funky designs out there, which I think are great for any occasion.

Remember the old fashioned fake nails back in the 80’s? The ones that would fall off at the most inopportune moments – like into my dinner plate. I remember my mother was horrified when it happened.

These strips stick onto your nail (like a sticker). You then fold them over the end of your nail and file them at the fold - which cuts the excess sticker.

I only discovered these on the weekend. I was at a wedding weekend, and I helped my niece put them on. They're absolutely affordable and I think it's nice to be able to give your hands a whole new look (for under $10).

I popped into my local Target store yesterday and picked some up. The designs are amazing and there are so many to choose from. There is nail polish in every colour imaginable, embellishments and nail wraps for any occasion or outfit.
Seriously, the selection is amazing.

I ummed and ahhhed for a while. In the end, I purchased the first ones which had caught my eye – metallic leopard print.

Keep an eye out on IG. No doubt I will post photos when I put these on. For now, my hot red shellac is on show.

Do have regular manicures or are you more of a “special occasion” person?

Have you experimented with nail strips before? What are your thoughts?

Beauty is on sale at Target Australia for a few more days.
Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received payment and a voucher from Target Australia. All thoughts and images are my own (other than the target badge).


  1. Love the herringbone one!! I never get my fingernails done but I LOVE getting a pedicure. It's a treat, I only do it every six months or so.

    1. I had the herringbone one ready to bring home. I really liked it too. Then at the last minute the leopard one came home with me.

  2. I normally do my own manicures. It's actually very therapeutic. It relaxes me to paint my nails. Sounds weird I know but it does! I've tried those stick on ones. They're pretty good. Quick and easy but I still prefer the straight up painting. ;)

  3. I was going to my local salon every few weeks to get mine done but then we tightened our belt, financially, and that splurge had to go :( And no word of a lie, I was in Target today doing my own *ahem* research for my post and was going to go the nail theme. I had photos and all ready to go until I read your post. Great minds! hehe

    1. Yes it can get expensive at the nail salon. Great options are Target for us like-minded girls :)

  4. I very rarely do my fingernails, but I do manage a pedicure every couple of months. Those nail stickers are perfect for me! Love the houndstooth design.

  5. I LOVE these. I only buy them for special occasions but they are amazing. Can't wait to see your IG pics of them on.


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