Exploring: My Town

I do a lot of driving around my local area.

Most of the time, it’s driving kids around to their numerous appointments, activities or events.

I used to laugh at the term “Mum’s Taxi”, but seriously, I DO feel like a taxi driver. I just need a Volvo to complete the profile.

On a Monday I take my daughter to her swimming and speech lessons. We drive past an old building which always catches my eye. My romantic brain imagines a farming family living here 200 years ago…

Every time I drive past it, I think “I should really stop and have a closer look"… and then continue driving.

Today was different. Today I pulled over and got out of the car with my iPhone at the ready. The weather was perfect so I was going to take a few snaps to show you.



This piece of machinery completely intrigues me.
I thought that perhaps it was some sort of old washing machine.



But on closer inspection, I think it’s probably some other sort of machinery. Perhaps used to grind grain? Wheat? Corn? A mill of some sort?

If you know what this is, I’d love to know!! Please leave a comment or send me an email.

Here is the back of it:




So as I’m standing there taking photos, wearing open shoes (my beautiful and sparkly Fit Flops), I look down and see this hole…

It was time to make my hasty departure.

I didn’t want to interrupt the spider who was quietly napping in his home…


Funnel Web? Trapdoor? Anyone know?
All I know is… YIKES!!


  1. Intriguing building and machinery. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Showed it to my other half who grew up on a farm and his initial thought was chaff cutter but then we thought it could be a water pump as there doesn't seem to be a chute going in, only out. The wheel on the opposite side to the chute would have been hooked up to an engine, say a tractor, to drive it. Don't suppose its sitting over a well?

  3. Loved your pictures, there is something so intriguing about old farm buildings... this one looks like an old shearing shed... and the machinery appears to be an old grinder for stock feed. Just lovely..

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  5. I have holes like that all over my garden, and when I dig them up, especially in my vegie garden...the residents are terrified of me! Mine are trapdoors, very shy and reclusive night hunters.
    I like the shack, it has rustic charm. The roof, if original, says it's not so old. Can't help with the machinery. Puzzled by the on off lever appearing to be on the backside? (Chute side.)Unless it raises something up and down. The other side has a slope to it, makes me wonder if something slides down it.
    I can't help thinking of arts and crafts made from the lovely weathered wood though.;)


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