21 November 2011

Comfort + Fashion = FitFlop

I’m not a fashionista. At. All. I usually go for comfort over style.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I buy clothes at the end of the season, to wear the next year. With 2 growing kids, a mortgage (and another one on the way when we start building our new house in the next few months), plus my fabric addiction, poor old mum (me) is one of the last to get new things.

When I was approached with the opportunity to trial a pair of the new range of fashionable FitFlops, it took me about 2 seconds before saying yes. New shoes. This summer’s latest range. How could I resist?

To be honest, I’d never heard of FitFlops. But, thanks to my mother in law, I had heard of those sneakers that were meant to tighten your calves, thighs and backside when you walked. I figured this was a similar sort of thing… but did a little bit of research on their website:

FitFlop™ sandals were first created in 2007, by a couple of bio mechanists and a busy mum. They set out to create the world’s first muscle-activating flip flop.  Over 12,000,000 pairs have been sold since, and they’ve now branched out into clogs, sneakers, shoes and boots.

My first hurdle was choosing which ones I wanted. There are so many great styles available. Did I want to go girly? Athletic? Conservative?


In the end I chose a pair of Rokkit in bronze. They’ve got a bit of bling, but are great for everyday wear (picking up the kids from school, shopping etc). I love a bit of bling. Don’t you?

I’ve worn them everyday for the past couple of weeks. They are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. EVER!

Yes, my toes need some nail polish.

After wearing them the first day, the back of my legs were a bit sore and I thought to myself “this must be working”. The second day I felt almost no pain. By the third day, I wondered where these shoes had been all of my life.

My hope is that with enough wear, my legs and backside, will one day look like this:

Rokkit FitFlop

(Actually, at under 160cm, I think this models legs are as long, as I am tall :-S)

I plan on visiting my local Athlete’s Foot store to get another pair for myself, a pair for my mother and my husband. I think giving them the most comfortable shoes they’ll ever wear for Christmas, will certainly earn me some brownie points.

Have you ever worn FitFlops?
And more importantly, which FitFlops would you have chosen?

Visit if you’d like to see all of the styles available.

It is really hard to choose just one pair. Really!


  1. OMG!!!! The Frou is for me in black. AND in fuchsine! I am like you & don't spend money on shoes for myself. I need to because I have a history of foot issues. My work shoes are from the Athlete's Foot & were $180. My Mum actually paid for them 2 years ago because I couldn't afford them. How embarrassing - your mum buying your shoes when you are 39. Maybe I should go into the store & just try some on anyway!

  2. Floretta looks pretty cute but Frou would go with so much of my wardrobe. They sound great. xx

  3. I've been wearing FitFlops for about two years now. I love them. I've converted a few people already. They are fantastic, but if you are not used to wearing flip flops, they can be quite difficult to get used to wearing. In that case Positano would be good for non flip flop wearing people. I think I'd love to try Frou.

  4. I have been wearing FitFlops for many years, now. Started with Walkstar in red.....loved them. Then bought a style that is no longer being offered (a brown, suede "clog-styled" slip on). Wore them everyday for work (on my feet for 8 hours). Can not say enough about the comfort level!!!!! Incredible value. Hold up great!!!! Doreen

  5. They do sound great Anorina, and lots of styles to choose from. The ones you chose are very nice. Wish I could wear them, but can't wear anything between my toes as I get blisters. :(

  6. these look great, I really like FLORETTA the pretty flowers on the front make them a little more dressy for going out. Love the WALKSTAR in red for every day. I am still the last to get shoes, I usually get them from Rivers or have recently discovered the Diana Ferrari outlet shops at DFO or Birkenhead Point.

  7. I can't stand anything between my toes so definitely the Positano!


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