21 September 2012


Introducing Tickles, the newest member of our family.

Mummy and daddy are super excited about their fur baby and have been enthusiastically cuddling the poor little thing all afternoon.

Apparently guinea pigs can be toilet trained and taught how to walk on a lead.

Can you just picture our family outing, walking our guinea pig?


  1. I never managed to toilet train mine. Although they do tend to push their bottoms backwards when they are about to go. But I had a wonderful girl who loves to go outside and the only way that could happen was on a lead. She loved it but when she had had enough she would lay on her side and I would have to pick her up and carry her inside - she was a real sweetheart. I hope that your two love Tickles as much as my two love their piggies.

  2. He's so cute!!! I have heard that guinea pigs love company though - friends of ours breed them and have told me to get two, rather than just one, when we finally get one/some :)

  3. Hope the kids enjoy their new furry friend. Perhaps a quilted guinea pig jacket is on the go?

  4. Yes the lady in the pet store recommended we buy another one down the track. Once we move house next week, hubby is going to build a guinea pig run in the garden :)

  5. Oh sooooo cute Mhairi! Yes, my kids love Tickles. Sam wants to get another one and call it Squeak. Tickles and Squeak has a great ring to it, don't you think?

  6. I had guinea pigs growing up then got one for my girls .. turned out she was pregnant so when they came downstairs in the morning here was a little face peering out from underneath the big one .. scared my girls to death!! The vet told us to watch the lettuce with them as they can get "the runs" very quickly and don't last too long if that happens .. they are cute .. ours squealed when we opened the fridge door.

  7. I had a couple growing up so later when I had my girls we got one for them .. turns out the little thing was pregnant and the girls came down one morning and there was a little face peering out from underneath mama! The vet told us to watch their greens consumption, especially lettuce as they can get the runs quickly and they don't last long if that happens .. best of luck with your little one! My girls loved our Rosy and Pansy! They'd squeak when the fridge door opened.


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