Kaleidoscope Mini Quilt **Updated **

** Updated **
I originally posted via Blogpress on my iPhone - but the images were very poor quality and didn't do the quilt justice. I have now reloaded the images.


I love a good swap. I participated in the last round of the Quilt Club Australia (QCA) Handmade Swap recently.

It was a blind swap and the idea was to list a few handmade items which we'd like to receive. We also included our likes and dislikes, which is always handy.

I can't remember which 3 items I requested. It was a little while ago. I'm a sucker for a mini quilt so that would have been one of my choices... and I wasn't disappointed.

I received this beautiful mini quilt from Caz of The Accidental Quilter blog, which my assistant is holding up for the photo shoot.

It's a Kaleidoscope quilt and it is visually stunning.

I adore the colours and fabrics and the quilting is detailed and fabulous.

The back of the quilt is just as beautiful with 2 perfect little hanging sleeves.

I love it and have just the perfect place for it on my wall. Thank you Caz.

Do you swap? 
Which swap did you last participate in?



  1. how cute!- both quilt and helper :-)

  2. its beautiful,lucky you.xx

  3. Such a fab quilt! Caz really outdid herself! It's been a fun swap!

  4. I am so glad you like it XX

  5. Aren't you blessed? It is fabulous.

  6. What a fantastic little quilt---I seriously love it :D


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