Flora by Lauren + Jessi Jung

Secret gardens... English tea parties... the awakening of Spring, all resonate with the same vibe that FLORA captures. Take some time to get lost in each of the patterns, finding the secrets hidden within.
Flora by Lauren & Jessi Jung - Chart
FLORA’S English garden theme sets the mood with aviaries, bouquets, atomizers, and lattice walls...
New, in my little store, is Flora by Lauren + Jessi Jung.

Such fabric yumminess. The colours are beautiful and the designs are ever so happy.

Delightful fabric to play and create with.

Does playing with fabric, make you happy?


  1. Yes.. playing with fabric makes me very happy. I do have a problem with color combination though. I'm trying to work on that. I just can't figure out what color to combine or to use in a pattern. Oh an I have a hard time injuring my beautiful fabric by cutting it.. I'd rather just pet it.

  2. Yes it makes me happy...and relaxed...and makes me feel clever that I can put it together into pretty patterns...and takes away the cares of the world...it's so soothing :)

  3. It sure does! looking at it, feeling it, admiring it, and sometimes not even wanting to cut it. :)


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