Beware : Spider

If you don't like spiders, look away now.

But for anyone who isn't totally squeamish about them, have a look at this spider which was in my garden this morning.

I have no idea what type of spider it is, but it's made some sort of cross stitched type design in it's web.

Does anyone know what type of spider this is?

I also wanted to show you DH's latest bowl. He's getting quite good at his wood turning.

And I've found a great use for his bowl ...

... don't you think ;-)

Also just a quick little reminder to check back to my blog again soon. My next post is my 100th *cue pre-recorded cheers and applause* so I'll be hosting a little giveaway to celebrate my milestone.


  1. That is one strange looking spider.

    Congrats on the upcoming milestone. I just hit 500. Giveaway to come later -after the holiday.

  2. Hi Samelia, I have seen those spiders before. I think you will find it is called a " St Andrews Cross'
    I love your hexie with the butterflies, it is very pretty. And I see you have found good use for your DH's wooden bowl, too! :-)

  3. Congrats on your upcoming 100th post!

    I think the spider is quite pretty actually. We had a similiar one in our garden.

    I love the bowl of buttons idea!!

  4. Yes Sandy's is a St Andrew's Cross ..Scroll down a bit and there are some glorious pictures. I had to ask my son who loves creepy crawlies and spiders!! You guys have some pretty interesting and amazing spiders in Oz!

    Lovely bowl and such a perfect way to use it and display all the buttons in their glory.

  5. button bowl is perfect..... I'm not a spider fan but they are amazing...

  6. I hate spiders but I am so darn nosey I had to come and have a look at it....then I had to follow the link that Deb put on ....and now I wish I hadn't URGGGGHHH. Linda

  7. Wow...that's an amazing web...I don't like spiders though. =)

    Beautiful bowls!

  8. We used to have a resident St Andrew's Cross spider outside DD's window when we lived in town. We watched it make it's web each evening and then the tidy arachnid would unhook it every morning, roll it up and drop it in the garden before having a daily siesta under the awning :D. They are amazing to watch!
    I really like the button bowl.

  9. I love the look of those webs - they are the only one's I don't get rid of in our yard - they are very 'crafty' looking.
    Beautiful use for a beautiful bowl.


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