Tuesday Treasure

I heart P!nk. Big time!

When she was out touring here in Australia last year, I was lucky enough to go and see her show twice. Once in Melbourne and once in Wollongong.

Hubby kept the tickets from both shows, chose some pictures that we took and had this AWESOME frame made up for me.

I've got a good one, don't I ;-)

What's your Tuesday Treasure? Come and join in the Tuesday Treasure show at Clare's Craftroom.

Happy Chooseday everyone xo


  1. I'm not too sure what is the better treasure the husband or the frame , isn't he clever ! Love your frame , thanks for showing us and playing along .

  2. Great way to keep a memory of a great night out...

  3. Bit difficult knowing what the treasure is here.... the concert memento or your hubby....so I guess they're both treasures :)!

  4. Great memory of the concert. You will have it forever.

  5. Pink is fabulous. What a great memento.

  6. naw he's definitely a keeper!
    what a lovely and thoughtful idea!

  7. What a special memento. Yep, definitely a keeper.


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