Curves, Ice Cream Soda and Rainbows

I haven't sat down to read blogs or post on my blog very much this past month, so I figured I might just do a little catch up post with all of the things that have been happening lately.

Firstly, my Ice Cream Soda EPP quilt has been a lot of fun to work on. I'm half way done now with my blocks, so this will be a lovely big quilt when it's eventually finished. Every second Wednesday (after the store closes), I meet up with some current and ex-staff members at the store where I work and we all sew our Ice Cream Soda quilts. Some of the ladies are doing EPP, others are hand sewing their projects. One is even machine piecing her blocks. We sit and show our progress. We chat and eat and honestly, don't get a whole lot done, but it's a lot of fun.

I'm sticking withe pinky/purpley outers and orange/mustard for my centre diamond section. The middle kite row is all low volume print fabrics. I'm yet to decide what fabric I'll use to put my quilt together, but I'm tending towards a light fabric.

I've finished 6 hand-pieced blocks for my February rainbow scrap challenge project. I have enough pieces cut out and marked to make another block, so will do that before I begin cutting out scraps for the new month.

One Saturday a month, I teach a class at my local quilt store. The idea behind the class is to learn or practice skills which people may not be super comfortable with. February was our curvy month. We practiced making curve pieced blocks and I then supplied the class with a couple of my patterns that they could continue working on after the class finished.

This cushion pattern is called Roundabout (because it looks like a roundabout in the middle) and is made with some simple curved piecing in the corners and centre. I used some leftover layer cake squares to make this cushion and it finished up at a good 18" square.

I spiral quilted it, from the centre out, which is always a lot of fun. Some ladies in the class made this cushion and other decided to work on my Sunny Joy cushion which is made up of four blocks from my scrappy Sunny Joy quilt. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone progressed with their curved piecing and whether they finished their projects.

Next month, we'll be focussing on foundation paper piecing - both sewing on (through) the paper and the freezer paper method (fold back the paper and sewing beside it). 

Future months will see us working on Puff Quilts, Kawandi & Kantha styles, Applique methods ... lots of fun things to keep everyone busy and 'hopefully' inspired.


  1. Your EPP is looking lovely, so many different fabrics. Love the cushions. xx

  2. I always love to see the pillows that you make. Your classes sound like fun! Great EPP blocks too. Nice to have a support group for these blocks. Gail at the cozy quilter

  3. I love the colors you chose!

  4. it is such a bright spot when there is an update from you. The really interesting schedule you have with your quilt shop sounds like lots of fun as well as productive. thanks for the updates and ideas.


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