FNSI - January 2024

It's been a while, but I was able to join Wendy and the gang for the January edition of Friday Night Sew In. I worked part of the day, but as dinner was going to be a BBQ (after our Thursday night meat raffle winnings), there wasn't going to be a whole lot of fussing in the kitchen required beforehand. It meant that I had lots of time in the afternoon to begin preparing some EPP pieces for my Ice Cream Soda quilt. 

I bought the EPP set from Tales of Cloth along with the templates. I cut some fabrics - some fussy cut and most not - using the templates in the set. I'm not usually one to use templates, but these have been very handy quite a good time saver. 

Dinner done and the dogs walked (after a sweaty, hot day) we sat down to watch the Big Bash cricket and I glued basted my pieces. Good news is that I got all of the pieces basted and other good news is that my team, the Sydney Sixers are straight into the final at the SCG on Wednesday night. Yay!

I managed to put together a few of the central stars before bed time. 

I keep all of pieces in this beautiful sewing basket. It was a gift from my secret santa at work. Our secret santas are assigned in the middle of the year which means that we have lots of time to listen to what our recipients want/like and to plan. 

My santa heard me oohing and aahing when these new sewing baskets arrived. There was only one with this print, so she bought it and put it aside on a day I wasn't there. When I next came in, I saw that it was gone and figured someone (with great taste) saw it and bought it too. 

I love the girls I work with. It was my birthday on Thursday and so at work yesterday, they had a surprise morning tea for me. A couple of girls who weren't rostered on came via the store to go shopping in the mall downstairs and hung around chatting - little did I know that they were waiting for a lull in customers so they could sing happy birthday and we could all eat cake. Did I mention I love the girls I work with?

Okay, only a short and sweet one from me today as I'm heading to work for only a few hours today. Saturdays are always fun with the weekend crafters coming in to the shop.

Go to Wendy's blog, to see what everyone got up to for FNSI.


  1. such a nice box to store all your pieces in. Looking forward to seeing what you make from them.

    1. Thanks Karen. This project is coming along... slowly...

  2. Pretty blocks & i love the storage container.

  3. This is going to be the prettiest quilt. I love the blocks and what a perfect way to keep your project nice and portable. Yes, great workmates.

  4. The perfect container for your pretty EPP pieces. Belated birthday wishes.

  5. Great basket and perfect for your EPP. What lovely colleagues you have! xx

  6. What a perfect gift for you from a thoughtful friend! Love your EPP fabrics and stars. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  7. Happy Birthday! The basket is lovely and perfect to keep your EPP pieces in, happy stitching!

  8. Rosemary B here:
    Happy Birthday Anorina. Your paper piecing looks beautiful, the fabrics are lovely

  9. Belated Birthday Wishes - it sounds like your workmates made you feel very special! The icecream soda quilt is one I've been looking at too - I love your happy fabric choices....and your gorgeous sewing basket is the perfect place to keep them.

  10. How nice that you have the templates for cutting out the Ice Cream Soda EPP pieces. In the past, I too have "made do" by cutting my own papers, but when I won an instagram giveaway of the Prudence Quilt (Lilabelle Lane) that included the pattern, papers, and templates, I became an appreciator of templates. After five years, I'm heading toward a Prudence finish, and am telling all my friends to remind me not to get sucked into another EPP project! Ha, ha. Though I enjoy it, these projects take SO long for me. I'll be watching your progress to see if you will beat my "five years" record. No doubt you will. :-) I think it's wonderful that your co-workers treated you special on your birthday. That's a testament to how nice you are, and to the fact that 99.9% of all quilters are thoughtful, special people. Your lovely sewing basket is evidence of that too. Keep enjoying life.

  11. Your EPP blocks look great. What amazing colleagues you have, no wonder you love them.

  12. Your blog, photos, projects, and talents are amazing!
    It has been nice getting to know you on zoom. I look forward to next time!

  13. oh your workplace sounds lovely.........and what a cute sewing basket to keep those pieces in......I really like the look of these blocks........


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