Liberty Thread Spool Keyrings

For our work Christmas party, we all participate in a secret santa. This is a lot of fun and because we all are quilters/crafters, choosing just one gift can be tricky. There is also a tradition to give our work mates a little handmade item. 

I have had this little Liberty spool key fob tutorial saved on Pinterest for a very long time. It's a pattern by Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane which she created for the Diary of a Quilter website.

I ordered the key rings from amazon in a 10 pack as I wasn't sure where to buy them locally. The liberty fabric was from my stash and the assorted brown/tan background fabrics are from my scrap tubs. I already had this measuring tape ribbon in my stash so really, other than the rings, I only needed to buy some brown felt for the backing.

I really do love how they turned out. Each key fob is different as I stitched the black outlines freehand on my sewing machine. Here is a short reel that I created and shared on Instagram. 

I added a few stash rolls of Island Batik fabrics along with the key fobs and I look forward to seeing what the girls create with their fabric bundles.

I was very spoiled by the girls from work and will photograph and share pictures all of the handmade goodies I received. Our Christmas party is always such a fun night and I'm truly lucky to work with a wonderful group of women.


  1. Cute key fobs and great gifts to receive. xx

  2. What great gifts for your workmates. Gail at the cozy quilter

  3. that is a terrific gift to receive

  4. ideal little gift for any sewist!

  5. How fun to do a gift exchange like that. I really enjoy them myself. Your choice of making those key rings is a good one - practical, and really cute! Each one has its own personality, so to speak, and that, no doubt, kept it interesting for you as you created. Nicely done!


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