Topsy Curvy and Visible Mending

The latest issue of Homespun Magazine is out and I have a couple of projects in this issue.

Firstly, the magazine shared my visible mending project from earlier in the year. This was when I used a variety of 12wt Aurifil cotton thread to sew big visible stitches around the rips on my daughters old jeans. This was a very enjoyable project and one I'd like to do again in future (even if I don't have any torn jeans to work with).

The other project within this issue of Homespun Magazine is my Topsy Curvy quilt. This one was time sensitive, so I used a 10" Island Batik pre-cut to create this improv curve quilt.

We all seem to have pre-cuts in our stash, so this is a fun project where you just stack and cut curves... and then sew them back together again in a different order.


  1. Your daughters pants are so cute! I hope she enjoys wearing them. Topsy Turvy looks like an interesting quilt to make but I'm always nervous about curves. Happy stitching!

  2. Congratulations on having your projects in a magazine. I would like to try doing visible mending some day. Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  3. Yay you, for having TWO projects in a publication! That's awesome! I must make you feel good. I've admired that visible mending stuff for years, but it didn't come into vogue until children were grown and gone, and now, living as we do in a warm climate, I might wear jeans once or twice a year! Besides, us old folks don't wear out clothing as we once did. So, I'll admire your work, including that great pre-cut quilt design. What a quilter can do with curves can be pretty impressive, and you've managed it.

  4. Congratulations for being published twice in one issue! Both projects look like a lot of fun :-)


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