"A Lot Going On" Quilt (progress)

So far, it's been a busy week around here. Firstly, I pieced my quilt top with the fabrics I shared the other day. This range is designed by Ellie Whittaker and is a lot of bright and happy fun. The fabric range is available from Spotlight Stores.

With so much colour and pattern, I didn't want to make anything that would need a lot of cutting and small pieces. They would detract from the fun prints - instead, I decided to add more colour and more prints.

From my stash, I found fabrics that I feel coordinate nicely. Spots, strips, solids and even some sparkles within the teeny florals. The white is actually a tone on tone. There is a lot going on and I love it. Perhaps that's a good name for the quilt - "A Lot Going On" quilt. (I've just gone and changed the title of this blog post, hah!)

I feel like it needs a border - possibly a darker colour to frame it nicely. I haven't found what I want in my stash, so far, so I've pressed the quilt top and set it aside. I work on Monday, so will look to see if any fabrics speak to me for the quilt.

Harry had a haircut

This past month, our dog groomer retired. They've sold their beautiful home and plan on taking a year to travel around Australia (with her husband and poodles) in their caravan. We will miss her and my boys, Harry and Charlie, will definitely miss her. 

Harry (the black one) was looking super shaggy with fur curling over his eyes and getting so long around his toes that he was slipping and sliding around the floor. We found a new groomer and took him for a solo haircut. I didn't realise how hard it is to get an appointment with a groomer. Certainly seems like a good business to go into.

Harry looks a little bit sad in these pictures, but I assure you, he's usually the smiley perky one and was back to his usual self after being home with Charlie for a little while. 
In other news, my big boy Sam graduated from high school this week. The school put on a beautiful service for the kids and admittedly, it was a little emotional. Sam came home with a few awards - the most special being the individual award for his community service. 

He's been ready to finish with high school for months now so he's glad that this stage of life is done. He's received early entry offers to university, so will enjoy the upcoming summer before the next stage of tertiary education begins in late February.

Next week, I've got a school holiday class scheduled at work. I'll be teaching kids how to make simple pencil cases, so I'm off to make a few more class/store samples. 


  1. Congratulations Sam and good luck for the future. There certainly is 'A Lot Going On' but I love it! xx

  2. Oh Congratulations to your son, Sam. Excellent accomplishment and appreciation for his dedication. I know you are proud of him. Well done.Best wishes to him in his future endeavors

    Your quilt is incredible. I love it. I think it is superb! I could probably make many quilts with all of the fabrics I have laying around.
    Your pups look adorable. I am glad that you got the boys groomed. It is a good business. Dogs need haircuts.

  3. it is hard to believe when you oldest graduations from school, hope he gets into the next level and does well. Love the work you did on the quilt top

  4. you have done those bright prints justice indeed....beautiful quilt and all the prints equally represented....love it....and congrats to your sam!

  5. I sure love those fabrics you picked up! Spotlight you say? Not the quilt shop where you work? You definitely came up with a great pattern for them. The color and combo of prints is fantastic, and nears being called "maximal." And you're teaching KIDS to make those zipper pouches?! Wow. I'm impressed that children are learning to install a zipper. Even some adult quiltmakers don't know how to do that! You must be a very patient sort of person to manage teaching this to kids. Congratulations on your son's high school graduation, and his award! That's a real testament to his giving nature - and good on you and your husband for instilling that in him. You all have more good times, and education, to anticipate.


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