Grunge Rainbow Cushion

It's been quiet around here, hasn't it? I've not had the inclination to do a lot of sewing lately, but am pleased to share that I did actually finish something recently.

Another rainbow cushion. This one made with a small bundle of Moda Grunge fabrics which I bought from work when I first started there. I don't think I can tire of appliqueing these very forgiving, freehand shapes. 

The Aurifil Artisans first challenge was to share a project created with threads from our welcome pack.

In this cushion, I used 80 wt cotton for the needleturn applique (my favourite thread for applique), 50 wt cotton to piece the blocks and then stitch in the ditch after I added batting. This made it easier to add big quilty stitches without the need for pins or basting.

I used my favourite 12 wt cotton thread for hand quilting. I love, love, love this weight of thread for adding big stitches. The come is such a wide variety of colours, are strong and have a beautiful sheen.

I also tried some of the lana (which I think is 12 wt also). The Aurifil is 50% wool and 50% acrylic. Not as shiny as the cotton but quite lovely to work with. 

When I'd finished the front of the cushion, I went to my stash looking for a suitable backing. How perfect is this rainbow print?!? It's and old one which I bought from Spotlight by Aussie brand, "Prints Charming". I've just had a little google and it seems that this brand no longer exists. They sure had some funky designs.

Keep an eye out in a few days for my Island Batik July Unboxing Video. I'm pleased to say that I have figured out how to use iMovie and did this all by myself (without help from the household technical teenager).


  1. Grunge is one of my favorite fabric lines and your choices created a beautiful design. the backing fabric is lovely too. Thanks for more inspiration

  2. I have never tried the 80 wt thread for the needle turn applique - in fact I'm not sure I have even heard of that weight - I will need to check for it and the thread you mention that is part wool - I have not heard of that one

  3. Oh how I love this cushion! Lovely colors, and a great design. I too like 80-weight Auriful best, for hand appliqué. It truly melts into any color fabric. Haven’t tried Lana, but I’m fond of the sheen of 12-weight. Interesting about Prints Charming. I visited that shop in Sydney, probably in about 2007, and came home (to Iowa, at the time) with several pieces, and a t-shirt! Indeed, their designs were funky! Sorry to know it’s no longer in business. I always love seeing what you’re making. Enjoy slow stitching.

  4. Your cushion is beautiful. I really love all your hand-stitching!


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