Kawandi in Blue

I just realised that I hadn't shared my latest kawandi finish. It's been over on instagram for a couple of weeks, but not here on the blog. Seeing as I like to keep this blog as a diary of-sorts, I thought I'd better share.

The latest kawandi I finished was the blue one. Like all of the others, I really loved the process of slow sewing. Choosing 'just the right shade of blue' fabric from my blue scrap tub to incorporate into this small project was a challenge. I seem to have many blue fabric scraps, but they tend to have some green in them - leaning to teal/aqua. I wanted this to be a true blue piece.

For the stitching, I used a plain white Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread. It's the perfect thread for this type of project as it's thick enough for lovely definition, but fine enough that it's easy to thread through a crewel or chenille needle. 

For the next kawandi, I'm leaning towards brown. I don't have a lot of brown in my scrap tubs, so it may be a little smaller than the others. 


  1. Such a gorgeous collection. xx

  2. Lovely! I need to try this! I have scrap envy…

  3. Last comment from Gail at the cozy quilter

  4. great collection.... I have just done my first piece....

  5. Another lovely Kawandi to add to your collection. Ondrea.


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