I Like Thursday #3

My week so far...

As I mentioned last week, I joined Creativebug for a free 60 day trial. I've enjoyed watching videos on painting and drawing, but my first love is always patchwork and quilting.

I've wanted to make a pickle dish or double wedding quilt for the longest time. I watched Sarah Bond make a variety of pickle dish quilts and I also watched Tara Faughnan make her double wedding ring quilt. Tara also made a triangle quilt and rather than use traditional foundation paper piecing, she taught us how to use the freezer paper method. I loved this idea for piecing a pickledish quilt, so once I printed the pattern by Sarah Bond, I traced it out on freezer paper, the method inspired by Tara Faughnan. The image (above) is the result. My first four, very bright and colourful pickle dish blocks. 

This is my Creativebug sign-up link, if anyone wants to have a look at what they have on offer.

I'm preparing a workshop for the store where I work. It's aimed at beginners to learn and practice needle turn applique. The rainbow cushions which I made during Making Zen last year (or possibly even the year before) project by Jo Avery, are perfect for this type of lesson. I got in touch with Jo to get her okay and  have been busy preparing smaller, easy to finish in a few hour, samples.

The other crafting I've been doing this week has been working on my neon liquorice all-sort blanket. It's coming along nicely. I'm trying to be good and weave the ends in after every few rows. It's a pain to do, but much nicer to have it done as I go than have a whole blanket worth to weave at the end, as is my usual style.

I enjoy watching cleaning videos on Instagram and TikTok. Yep, I'm a little bit weird like that.

The American posters seem to use Dawn in a lot of their cleaning hacks. My husband was in the US last week, so I asked him to stop in at the local grocery store and bring home some Dawn, so I can try it. I'll keep you posted *haha*

This weeks baking consisted of vegemite and cheese scrolls, sweet chilli scrolls, berry muffins and a loaf of bread. I didn't manage to get pictures of everything else before it got gobbled up, but I did get a photo of the loaf of bread. I bought a new bread tin which is longer than most of my tins, plus it's pink (on the outside). 

We have a couple of pots at the front of the house which used to house succulents. They were all looking tired and unhappy as we get a lot of shade out there, so we've changed up the planting and added some geraniums. I love geraniums. They're just so happy to look at, plus don't need a tonne of attention. In time, they will fill out the pot.

This is Harry posing in front of the plant after we came home from a walk. 

Now on to today's prompt...

"Tell us about a favorite memory from childhood of eating ice cream. Did your family go to Dairy Queen like mine did? Did you have a birthday ritual where you got anything you wanted at the restaurant?  Has your taste changed from tutti-fruitti with sprinkles or does it still make your hear sing?"

We don't have Dairy Queen here, and we didn't really go out for ice-cream. Mum used to buy the big tubs of Neopolitan ice-cream which we had at home in the big deep freezer. Everyone loved the chocolate or the Vanilla and we'd leave the strawberry until the end because nobody really liked it.

On very special occasions, we'd have an ice-cream cake called a Viennetta. It was the ultimate in dessert poshness at our place. I haven't had Viennetta for years... decades! It's my husbands birthday next week, so I might see if I can find one. That'd certainly be a blast from the past.

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  1. Oh yes, Viennetta! For special occasions, in the distant past. I have not seen one for years. Love the pickledish blocks and your rainbow coasters. Dawn is supposed to be good for removing dye that has run on fabrics. Your baking sounds delicious. xx

  2. A lot of people swear by Dawn to clean every thing - it seems the same to me as other soaps and although I tried it I didn't see a difference and stick to what is best on my hands. Nice quilts love the baking!!

  3. You are a domestic goddess. Step down Martha Stewart, Anorina is here!!! Sewing, Quilting, Crocheting, baking and cleaning too!!! Ok, I too clean (when I must), but I rarely think about it. I have been thinking about Pickle Dish Pattern for some time now. Just have not narrowed down a template. Have a great week!

  4. A domestic goddess indeed! Love the sewing, I’ve made a couple of pickledish type quilts- it’s a great design. My mum made our ice cream and having Neapolitan was our very, very occasional treat. I’d never even had a Vienetta until my sons asked for one for their birthday. By that stage I was disappointed to find it didn’t have wafers like I’d thought. (Google isn’t recognising me today!). Susan (Patchworknplay)

  5. Congrats on the workshop. That design is so lovely. Loving your crochet. Sometimes mum would by the neopolitan icecream which was in a metal tin , no plastic back then. Lol Vienetta was something I used to buy in my flating days as an indulgent dessert. Incase this comes up anonymous again ...this is Ondrea.

  6. love your pickle dish...it's on my list as well...

  7. oooo I love pickledish blocks and those arches. I did the zen workshop with Jo too and love the look. Your project is a great size for this. you're making me want to do another bit with this idea, because of your pretty colors and even stitching.
    vienetta sounds great! I always left the strawberry too, and Harry! How adorable is he???
    thanks for another just wonderful post, sorry I'm late, things happen ...

  8. That pickle dish is really cool!! and so is your knitting. Yay for the bread!!
    Okay - I swear by dawn. I wash all the Patriotic quilts in 1 TBSP of it in the wash along with color catchers and I don't have quilts bleed.... and!!! When my poor puppy got fleas we washed him twice a day with dawn and it killed all the fleas without harsh chemicals.... I've got more haha!


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