I Like Thursday #2

It's Thursday again - how quickly does the week swing around?!?! 

LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color has declared June to be ice-cream month. How fabulous is that! Ice-cream is one of my favourite things. I try to limit keeping much at home, otherwise it gets eaten, way too fast, and usually by me. 

Today's prompt is: What is your favourite flavour of ice cream at the moment? Who makes it? Do you have more than one favourite? Soft serve or dipped? Do you buy it in the huge box or a pint at a time?

My absolute favourite is Connoisseur Cafe Grande. It comes in a 1 litre tub of absolute deliciousness. This is what the description says about it on the Connoisseur website:

Inspired by the skilled hand of a barista coaxing the perfect espresso from his ‘machina’, our Café Grande is created for true coffee ice cream aficionados. We craft Café Grande from a special blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and rich cream. We add to the allure with delectable chocolate-coated almonds and a swirl of GRAND MARNIER® Sauce.

Now on to my week. I worked a few days since last Thursday and unfortunately, haven't spent a whole lot of time in the sewing room. I did manage to finish my Kawandi in blue and love how it turned out. This one was stitched with Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread in white.

I now have 6 of these table mat size Kawandi quilts, all made solely from my scrap tubs. I'll probably share more on these later in the week when I get some nice pictures. 

Out and about - I take my doggies out for a walk just about every day. If it's not a work day, we wait until around 10am to head out. By this time, all of the school kids are well and truly gone and the morning walkers have been by.


It's not necessarily to anywhere exciting, just around our neighbourhood. They like to sniff at the same bushes and fences and know exactly where the places are when they score a treat for good behaviour. I'm trying to teach them to stop before they run across the road - they do stop - but only because they'll get a treat after we've walked "nicely" across the street. 

I saw this bright and happy painted van this morning out on our walk. That design would make a fabulous quilt block. I may need to try it out soon.

The garden is looking quite tired and ready for winter hibernation. We do have have some jonquils already flowering. They're meant to flower mid-winter through to early spring, but seeing as today is the first day of winter here, these have been a little bit eager to put on a show.

Last night, I was catching up on some blog reading. A blogger who I have known for years is Jennifer of Elefantz Designs. I do enjoy catching up with what she has been up to around her kitchen, home and garden. Jenny linked to a YouTube video by a German woman who made sourdough starter, without the need to discard any. I clicked through the link and before I knew it, I'd gone down a rabbit-hole of bread baking videos. 

I saw a very simple bread recipe which only required 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of water, a sprinkle of salt and 1-2 tsps of dry yeast. Then it's stirred with a silicon spoon and only lightly needed (in the bowl) until it's all together. Really simple.

I just HAD to try it today... and YUM!

And because the oven was on, I decided that I needed to make a big batch of sausage rolls. These ones were made with pork mince, grated carrot and zucchini. I seasoned them with some harissa and extra coriander. These will hopefully last a couple of days in the fridge before they're all gobbled by my kids. So long as there are enough for school lunch boxes tomorrow, I'm happy.

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for the 60 day free classes over on Creative Bug. There are some great quilting/sewing videos, but also drawing and painting (and everything else in between).

On a whim, I grabbed my daughters watercolour set, my old water colour pencils from school (these are at least 30 years old) and had a play around while watching the online class.

Not brilliant, but I really enjoyed myself. The paper was not loving all of the water and I'm pretty sure it's seeped through a few pages, but hey, creativity is messy.

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  1. Isn’t it funny where we get quilty inspiration sometimes! I love your colourful kawandi projects! I have not done any watercolour painting since grade school. You did a great job on your painting. Gail at the cozy quilter

  2. that bread looks wonderful - I haven't made any recently I might need to try it. And those rolls - I haven't made anything like that - do you dip them in anything? like mustard or something or eat plain? The table mats and ice look good. I don't eat ice cream too often but try to find one made with nut milk or coconut milk when I do get one so i don't have a stomach upset

  3. Your favorite ice cream sounds delicious! And the homemade bread, too - yum! The van you found when walking the dogs is fun and colorful. I really love your Kawandi mats - I need to give that a try!

  4. Welcome to I Like Thursday! Your ice cream sounds delicious! We’ve had the same type of week – very little time in the sewing room. 😊 Your Kawandi in blue is lovely!!! I’ll be checking these out today! Very nicely done!
    I love that you go for your daily walks! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Good for you to get creative with the supplies you had around the house. It looks great!

  6. LOL - it's the Yellow Submarine van. Excellent! Coffee ice cream is good stuff. I like your scrappy mats. Those sausage rolls look delicious.

  7. Oh! I'd like that ice cream, I'm sure. I wonder if I can find it here? I'm going to look for it next grocery store trip! I've only done one Kawandi mat. Mine was little, but I love doing it. And it was portable to take with me when we were away from home 6 weeks at Christmas time. Sausage rolls look yummy. I follow Jenny too! Such lovely designs.

  8. Hello Anorina - I am joining you from I Like Thursday. That ice cream sounds perfect for me and my husband - we are quite addicted to coffee! I wonder if I can find it in the US?

    And your bread and sausage rolls look so, so yummy. We just returned from a trip to the UK (lots of unhealthy eating) and we are on a diet of smoothies and salads. I will have to enjoy the sausage rolls from a distance!

  9. That bread looks awesome, Anorina, as do the sausage rolls! I love your little Kawandi quilts! Have a great weekend!

  10. Great attempt at watercolour. I think you have another talent. Love your Kawandis. I must admit I am having a bit of trouble reading your blog having to scroll past ads to get to the next paragraph .( probably just me). Inspiration comes from so many things including cars lol.

  11. The 2nd anonymous is me, Ondrea. Same thing happened last time.

  12. What a happy blog post! I love seeing different activities in your life - walking dogs; that colorful van; your beautiful Kawandi (yes!); jonquils; and delicious-looking bread and sausage rolls. Yum! You make me wish I had kids around to justify making rolls! Though, in truth, hubs in the cook in our little household. As for ice cream... I'm not familiar with your brand, but I do consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. There's a brand made by a regional grocery store chain (Publix, out of Georgia, USA) that's delicious. And a soft-serve chain in Florida called Twistee Treat that gives Dairy Queen a run for it's money. I could talk about ice cream all day! :-)

  13. ooooo this is the most wonderful post anorina! where to start... I would like the recipe for that bread, and just bought harissa for the first time, as I like Dimitra on youtube for greek cooking. I try to walk Milo when people are less too, and he likes to take his time reading "pee-mail"
    your watercolor is bold, graphic and so colorful. I really like the feel of it. Your ice cream sounds perfect to me, don't know if we can find it here in colorado but I'm going to look
    I did something like that style of quilting once and loved the effect.
    ahhhhh the flowers. so pretty

  14. I would happily sit with you and eat some of that ice cream. If you would share it. ;) Your Kawandi quilts are beautiful. I want to make that bread! The sausage rolls look delicous.

  15. That bread looks so good! I've never made sausage rolls either, but yum! Your kawandi mats are lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I'm pretty sure I would really enjoy that ice cream!


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