Quilted Dog Coat

Harry has a new quilted coat and doesn't he look super impressed?!?!

As the weather cools down here, I dress my fluffy kids in a doggy jacket in the evenings. I bought them both a new one this year, but Harry is a weird size. He's too long for a medium size one and too small for a large jacket. Poor thing had been running around with his jacket only covering half his back. 

I'd been meaning to make a jacket for Harry, so that he's warm enough at night, especially for when winter really kicks in. This morning, I had no real plans, so headed into the sewing room after everyone left for the day and made this super bright coat for Harry. It was finished by noon so we celebrated by sharing my lunch. Do you feel like you always need to share your lunch with your furry kids?

To make Harry's new coat, I chose a very fun print. It's chocolate crackles! I'm not sure if you have them in other countries, but chocolate crackles are an Aussie birthday party favourite. 

They're made with rice bubbles, cocoa powder, icing sugar and copha. I think this is maybe the only recipe I've ever seen that uses copha as an ingredient. Sometimes they included coconut too, but without coconut is better, in my opinion. Don't forget the 100's and 1000's sprinkled on top.

Rice Bubbles = Rice Krispies
Icing Sugar = Confectioners Sugar
Copha = Coconut oil in a block, found in the refrigerated section of the supermarket
100's and 1000's = Rainbow Sprinkles
If anyone is keen, here's a recipe for Chocolate Crackles.

Okay, back to the dog coat. After measuring how much fabric I would need, I layered my fabric, batting and flannelette and then sprayed some 505 spray to hold it all together. I then quilted with a simple meandering design.

I layed out the jacket and traced around it with a frixion pen - adding an extra 5" to the bottom which was how much Harry needed. I cut it out and had enough along the edges to cut out the two straps that hold it together, under his tummy.

Time to bind. I could have made bias binding, but have a big roll of polyester black bias tape which is much easier and quicker.

Once the jacket component and straps were bound, it was time to sew on the velcro. Long pieces for the tummy straps and shorter pieces where it holds together around his neck/chest.

And here it is, all finished and ready to wear tonight. 

Getting a photo of Harry wearing his new jacket was certainly harder than actually making the jacket.

And now, I think I need to make a jacket for Charlie too. He's a little bit jelly that he didn't score a new coat today, like Harry did.



  1. it is cold enough for a dog coat already? I really don't see many pets around here in the winter with a dog coat.

  2. Very cute....Charlie is looking very sad that he missed out.

  3. Too cute - the crackles is a great choice of fabric!

  4. Sweet coat!! and yep - I think there was just a little bit of jealousy in those eyes!!!


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