I Like Thursday #1

I enjoy reading all of the "I Like Thursday" posts. They're full of positivity and good things. I thought I'd jump in and see what I liked about this week and I'll link up with Not Afraid of Color who hosts this weekly challenge.

I had a message from Island Batik that a store would like to create kits for my Starburst Quilt. That's exciting, isn't it? This was the first quilt I made as an Island Batik ambassador at the start of last year and I never did get around to writing up a pattern for the quilt version.

The idea for the quilt was based on my original Starburst cushion -  this was a project and pattern I wrote for a magazine, going back a few years now. 

I started a new kawandi project. I had my blue scrap tub out looking for pieces for my Color Wash Quilt and couldn't resist pulling a few square-ish pieces for a blue kawandi. 

I love scrolling through instagram and sometimes, the suggested posts capture my attention and I end up following new people from the IG suggestions. One such person is @andrea.nelson.art who shares some quick little creations (usually watercolours) on her account. 

I really enjoyed watching her process of making fun squiggle artworks with sharpies and water paints and decided to have a go myself. I don't have water paints, so used some textas (markers), which don't quite give the same effect, but gosh it was enjoyable to do. 

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, another suggested post appeared on my feed for a delicious looking chicken curry. I had the ingredients at home, so had a go at it. DELICIOUS! I made a big batch, so we had curry for a couple of dinners and with most curries, it tasted even better the second day.

The recipe said to brown the chicken and onions/ginger before putting it all in the slow cooker - I couldn't be bothered washing up another pan, so I just threw everything into my slow cooker, along with an extra can of diced tomatoes. This dish will definitely be added to our meal rotation.

Prompt this week.... where would you like to go on vacation if you could go anywhere right now? 

There are lots of places I'd like to visit. England is beautiful this time of year and I've always wanted to go France and Italy. I'd say how about a cruise that takes in all of those places. That would be fun. 

Linking up with Not Afraid of Color


  1. Hi! Welcome to the group! that recipe looks perfect for us, just have to get some coconut milk! Yum. Your quilt is beautiful and congrats on having a kit made from your design! I like zen doodle and watercolor so thanks for that suggestion too!
    Happy week to you, LeeAnna and Milo

  2. Your Starburst quilt is beautiful! How exciting to have Island Batik selling kits for it! The curry recipe sounds delicious - I enjoy finding new recipes online, too. Your travel plans sound like a great idea. Welcome to I Like Thursday, Anorina!

  3. That is exciting news. Congratulations.

  4. Love your starburst quilt! The curry recipe sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing it! Enjoying your blog! --Mickie

  5. I love your Starburst quilt - congratulations on the shop wanting to make kits for it! Have you released the pattern yet? Your kawandi work sent me on a Google search - it looks so interesting and tempting to try. I'll go with you on that cruise. :)

  6. Welcome to I Like Thursdays! We have some wonderful participants! I’ve seen your posts from time to time, it will be fun to get to know you better. I love the starburst pattern, both the quilt and the cushion/pillow! Thanks for the curry recipe! I’m a fan of curry, DH not so much.
    I’ll make a small batch, there are just the two of us, so I can give it a taste!

  7. Hi, Anorina, so nice to see you joining us on I Like Thursday. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful work ... :) Pat

  8. love it when you have time to share the wonderful things you do. gets the ideas and ambition fired up. I started a kawandi and went with something too large so it is still a work in progress.

  9. Congrats! Those blues and greens are beautiful. I would dearly love to go back to the UK and France for longer and see more of those countries. NZ is on my list too.

  10. Omg! Anonymous??? It is Ondrea here. No idea why it came up as anonymous. Did you get my comment last week?

  11. Love the squiggle art work!


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