This and That

I've enjoyed a little bit of slow sewing over the past couple of days. Not really settling on just one thing - rather, I've flitted between projects.

As I mentioned in my last post, I started a new Kawandi project. If anyone guessed that I was going to tackle my orange scrap basket, you're absolutely right!

I decided to work this one a little differently by stitching rows approximately 1/2" apart and then going back and stitching in between them afterwards. This way, the top section is "put together" more quickly with less likelihood of my stabbing myself with all of the pins I was using. So far, I think it's a better option for me, especially now that I can sit and stitch for fun.

This weekend, The Threadhouse also had their free sample weekend. There were free classes by British quilters, Jo Avery, Lynne Goldsworthy and Karen Lewis. I love all of their styles, so really enjoyed watching the classes and picking up pointers.

The Threadhouse Academy have some great classes/projects by each of the tutors, planned for this year, so it's well worth looking into.

I couldn't resist making a start of Jo Avery's "Freehand Halo" project. Similar to the "Freeform Rainbow Applique" project from last year (or perhaps the year before?) this time, we're making circular shapes.

I have a fair few FQ's of Moda Grunge fabrics which I bought from the store where I work. On a side note, working at a quilt store isn't great for the budget.

I like the grunge fabrics because though the 'same', they are all so different. 

In keeping with my orange theme, I'm adding some orange to work with the blues. I like orange and blue together and do hope this works as nicely as I imagine it will in my mind.

And I couldn't stop at just one, so I made a second Freeform Rainbow Cushion

In the Scrappiness is Happiness QAL, this weeks block was the Apple Block. It's a cute block and like most of the blocks in this QAL, it came together quickly.

Tomorrow, I get to share my project for this months Island Batik Ambassador challenge. It's bright, it's bold, it's fluffy and unsurprisingly, both of my cavoodles love it... more on that tomorrow ;-)


  1. Thank you for sharing your colourful quilt blocks. I have made one applique design using a pattern by Jo Avery - I enjoyed doing it very much. I also like orange and blue together - maybe because in the 1970's my parents decorated the family kitchen in that colour scheme!
    And I hear you re. working in a fabric shop! I work part time in a fabric shop and rarely leave without purchasing more fabric or notions!

  2. It's always fun to see the brightly-colored projects your working on, and I don't blame you one bit for being a flitterer! Let's both flit-away! Of course you'd make an orange Kawandi. That was the first color Kawandi I ever made. As for those halos, I like your orange/blue combo. I too signed up for the "Taster" weekend with Karen, Lynne, and Jo, but it was Jo's project that captured my heart. I don't know why I like stitching those halos so much, but I want to make lots of them! Then, seeing your rainbow hand appliqué again - I think Jo calls them "hoops," right? - made me wonder how those two shapes might work together. Hmmm. Though I can't use another cushion (pillow), I wouldn't mind a bit making enough blocks for a quilt. I'd forgotten that you work part-time in a quilt shop. I know how fun that can be because I did it myself, for two different shops, years ago. Believe me, I know how little take-home pay one can end up with! But payment in fabric isn't a bad thing. What would be a "bad thing" for you, is if you were fabric-tracking, as I am for the first time, in 2023. These days, I think twice, sometimes three times, before making a fabric purchase!


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