Rainbow Cushion

My freeform rainbow appliqué cushion is finished. I honestly enjoyed every step in making this project - even adding the zipper to the back worked perfectly (with no need for any unpicking).  

I used Aurifil 12wt cotton thread, in a variety of colours, to add some big stitch quilting within and around the rainbows. This is my favourite thread for adding big stitches as it gives beautiful definition and sparkle to a project and isn’t hard to thread through the needle (I use embroidery size 7 needles).

The back is made with a FQ that I found at Spotlight, a while back. Its bright colours and little birds work nicely with the rainbows on the front. I added a zipper to the back and it worked perfectly first go without any unpicking necessary. Love when things works to plan. 

This design is by Jo Avery and was a class project in the Making Zen online workshop a couple of weeks ago. 

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  1. Wow you got it all finished...... Looks good

  2. really unique. i am not sure if some of this is sewing curves together PLUS appliqued curves. whichever it is another amazingly well executed project. thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Anorina! What a gorgeous pillow! I love, love, LOVE all the pretty fabrics you chose and your fun stitching just enhances it. Thanks so much for linking up to TGIFF today. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Oh Anorina! I just LOVE this design! I already commented about the design on Jo's blog post. You've made such a bright, happy, fun, whimsical, put-a-smile-on-my-face pillow! I wish I'd been able to participate in the Making Zen classes (really though, only this class), but it happened while I was traveling. I wish you and I lived near to each other so I could sit alongside you and talk about how you did this. Your fabrics are wonderful, and your hand stitching is superb! I bet it looks fantastic on the "pillow pile" on your lounge/sofa! :-)

  5. Very nice, so bright and cheerful. Take care.

  6. This turned out SO good! Your fabric choices, the design, and your beautiful hand-stitching are just delightful together!


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