Orange Kawandi

My orange Kawandi style project is complete. I quite like how this one turned out. Orange really is underrated colour in the quilting world.

I stitched this one up with another variegated Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread which I found in my stash. I must have bought this one years ago as it was a surprise to find it when I rummaged around looking for the colour I wanted to use. It runs from a cream through to coral and then to a darker burnt orange colour. 

It's quite a nice colouring and worked especially well for this type of project. 

When stitching up this kawandi, I started out by keeping my rows approximately 1/2" apart. This was a way to reduce the amount of time I fiddled about with pins holding everything in place.

Once it was all together, I went back in and stitched in between the rows of stitching. 

I like the texture which the denser rows of quilting produce, but I also quite liked the look for the rows spaced out at 1/2". It's funny how the more of these I make the more I'm learning about my preferences.

And now there are four kawandi style quilt projects in my colour series. 

I'm working my way through my scrap tub in the order that they're on the shelf and easiest to access - yes a completely non-scientific or ordered way to approach this. It's a lucky dip as to which colour I'll stitch up next.

It's that time of the month for FNSI with Wendy so I may even get around to starting my next Kawandi.


  1. I have to agree, the orange looks really good. Love the variations and the range of fabrics, too.

  2. You surely are racing through these projects. A sure sign that you are enjoying them.

  3. did I miss the measurements for your creations? J believe I may have tried something too larte for a trial at this. plus what i have done so far is most definitely not the quality of yours

    Please keep them coming.

  4. They all look wonderful and YeS you are correct... the orange came up really well.
    Nice job xox

  5. I've been thinking of you as I've been hand-stitching my latest Kawandi. You stitch your rows closer together than I do - personal preference is great! When I took my workshop with Sujata, she told us that Siddi women use their pinky finger to "measure" the distance between rows. She also said they take an extra tiny stitch when adding a new scrap to the piece. But I'm sure they're making their Kawandi to be USED, so dense stitching isn't needed. I love the thread you used - gradated works beautifully! I intend to look for size 12 gradated thread while at QuiltCon.

  6. I have never heard of this but I love it. I agree, orange is undervalued in quilting. I can't wear it but I love it in everything else. I have gone and found a tutorial for this and now I have jumped down another rabbit hole! But thank you as I think yours are beautiful! It just so happens that yesterday I ran across 3 small bags of scraps that I had bought at a quilt store years ago....perfect! Coincidence? I don't think so! LOL! Maybe you'll be seeing a Kawandi from me or part of one at the next FNSI.

  7. Anorina, I got on your blog to see your Sweet on You post, but saw this one instead. I have never heard of this but certainly want to try it. I looked back and found your explanation for how the green Kawandi was constructed. Thanks for that! I hope to put something together myself--and I guess it doesn't have to be the same color--or is it traditionally done in one color? Hope to see your next one!

  8. All so beautiful. I love that art form. Yes, orange is a great color for quilting and crafting.


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