A BIG Christmas Table Runner

I make a lot of table runners - some for myself but mostly for family and friends. I have a fair few Christmas runners, but they're all coffee table or side table size. 

Now that most of my deadline sewing is finished (only one main project due at the end of December) and a week where I wasn't rostered to work, I decided to sit down and make a nice big runner for my dining table. 

The dining table is 3m long and seats 12 people comfortably. I always wanted a nice big table for family gatherings and so when we built the house, we ordered a big solid table from a local furniture company who make them on the premises.

When they delivered the table, it was so big that they had to bring it around the side of the house and through the back sliding glass doors as it wouldn't fit the front door.

This runner was nothing too fancy, just something fun and happy that I can look at everyday and bring out for years to come. I used some fabric from my stash- two different blue and green prints, a red print and the white and black dot is just a random Robert Kaufman print (not a Christmas themed one). 

I decided on a disappearing nine-patch design. It's so simple, quick to make and really quite effective.

I cut 6" squares and made 6 nine-patch blocks in combinations of green/blue outer squares with a red centre. 

The next steps was to cut them in half and half again. Once all were cut, it was a matter of arranging them in a fun pattern. 

I made a Spirit of Christmas nine-patch table runner last year and shared some very basic instructions along with design placement ideas. That table runner went to live at a friends house last Christmas, so it was nice to make another one - all for me!

I decided on a gingham binding for this one and even machine bound it. I'm not a big fan of machine binding my projects. They always turn out a little bit stiffer than when they're hand bound, but I guess a little bit of stiffness along the edges isn't a bad thing for a table runner to sit nice and flat.

And here we go, it's all finished and on the table. Now the trick will be to keep the table clear and to inspire the family to help keep the table clear too. It seems to be a place where things the left which drives me a little big crazy.


Does your dining table turn into a bit of a dumping ground too?

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  1. Woooow! Love the long table and the long table runner!!! What quilty fun! Table = dump place--you bet! It's a constant struggle, even with myself!?!

  2. wow what a big table and that runner suits it perfectly!

  3. Lovely table runner! It can be a challenge to keep tables and countertops cleared of 'stuff'! Happy stitching!

  4. My dining room table has built-in leaves that make it really long. It's perfect when I'm working on a larger project and want extra room behind my sewing machine. Your table runner is just perfect for your new table and the holiday season. Happy quilting! -Andrea

  5. Fun and festive looking runner. Well done.

  6. What a great runner - and I love your table! xx

  7. I love it!!! and it is perfect for that table.... which is also super cool!!! its gorgeous!!


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