FNwF - Stitching Kindness Quilt (Progress)

A few months back, I joined Susan Ache (@yardgrl60) & Aurifil Thread on instagram in the Stitching Kinds SAL. Each week, we'd receive a new set of words to embroider, which would eventually make up a quilt.

The pattern is available on the Auribuzz blog. This is the link to week one of the stitch-along but you can search for the Stitching Kindness quilt on their blog and the individual week patterns will be listed.

I stitched all of the words, but then when it came time to put the quilt together, life got busy, and I never got around to it.

In my current bid to "get stuff done" I decided that I'd use the stitched words and turn them into a wall quilt, still using the 1930s prints that I'd originally planned.

I found that I'd somehow stitched up the same words twice (in different colours) so chose to leave out these orange ones. I may have missed a set somewhere, but that's okay. I'm happy with this lot.

The ditches have all been stitched and I'm going to get out some 12 weight cotton thread later and add some hand quilting (just for fun).

It was a busy Friday and I'm glad that I feel like I've accomplished something. Having half finished projects laying around drives me bananas.

Joining Gone Stitchin' for FNwF.



  1. It's a wonderful feeling you enjoy when you complete a project... & this is a cute one too.
    Thanks for stopping in for FNwF...xox

  2. Anorina, this is beautiful. Your stitching is exceptional
    I love this quilt. It is a treasure

  3. What a breath of fresh air- the words, the fabrics, so peaceful.

  4. Ahh. It's nice to see those words, that you'd previously shared, as they are pieced and joined together. Very sweet. Your hand-stitching will be the perfect finish. I know what you mean about having half-finished projects around... but then when I don't have them, because I'm all caught up, I don't have the "right" project to take along for the creating environment I'm heading to - a car trip, or weekly quilting group, or a sew day with friends, or a long phone call. Each occasion seems to need a different project, so I end up with a half dozen half-finished WIPs. I've learned to live with that, and not stress too badly.

  5. It is always a good feeling moving a WIP towards the finish line.

  6. Thats such a lovely quilt.......thanks for sharing it yesterday on zoom also....

  7. It looks beautiful. I love your idea to handquilt it too.

  8. Good job! I almost joined in that SAL too but resisted. Love how you used the 30s prints. Looks very fresh.


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