Custom Cushions

Catching up on a few of the bits and pieces I've been sewing and toying with over the last little while. 

I received a custom order for two cushions for little boys - Vinne and Noah. One was to be nautical themed and the other blue/boy themed.

I didn't have any fabric suitable for a nautical cushion in my stash, so it's a lucky thing I work at a quilt store. I decided on this grey fabric with sailboats. It's a lovely soft textured fabric quilted up beautifully.

I didn't quilt the back of the cushion - but did add a zipper closure. My days of making envelope style cushion backs are over. I'm a zipper convert - especially this type of zipper with the fabric flap over the top to hide it.

I printed up some new labels a couple of weeks ago. I designed what I wanted on my computer word processing program. I then fused white fabric to an A4 size sheet of Heat n Bond and put it through my printer. I then cut them up into label size and fuse them (and sew if I remember to add them before I assemble the cushion) with a hot iron. This sets the ink at the same time.  

Admittedly, I haven't tried adding these types of labels to a quilt or something which will be washed regularly to find out how the ink holds up, but I figure a decorative cushion like this probably won't need to be washed all that often.

The second cushion I made was for little Noah. It's a fun blue dinosaur print fabric. I finished this cushion in the same was as Vinnie's cushion.

Finished cushion size is approximately 17" (with an 18" insert for extra fullness).
Font used for the wording is called 'Ranchers' and available in Google documents.



  1. Nice work. I must try the hidden zipper.

  2. I sure the guys will love the pillows. Love the hidden zipper. Not sure I could do it.

  3. Vinnie and Noah are lucky boys.


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