Aussie Chrissy Candle Mat

Introducing my newly finished project - the Aussie Chrissy Candle Mat

November is 80wt cotton thread month for the Aurifil Artisans. We were challenged to create a project using this beautifully fine cotton thread. I love using 80wt in my needle turn applique projects as it sits (disappears) nicely within the fabric fibres and the range of colours available is fabulous.

As well as applique, the 80wt thread is great for EPP (English paper piecing). Again, having a large variety of colours available is helpful in making those stitches practically disappear.

The Aussie Chrissy Candle Mat (yes we do love shortening our words here) is made with Australian themed Christmas prints, designed by Jocelyn Proust and available from Spotlight stores.


There are a fair few Aussie animal prints available in this range, but for this project, I used the rosellas in the centre, fussy cut the Christmas trees and kookaburras in the second round and then the Santa wearing bilby in the outer ring.

I'm not much of a fussy cutter and usually steer clear of this practise, but these fit so beautifully within the 1.5" hexagon, 1.5" jewel and 3" diamond shapes.

Now, about the candle, I wanted to light it for the photo, but I'm not sure how long I'll be home this morning. I heard (or read somewhere) that you need to light a new candle for a least an hour or until the top level of wax has completely melted right across before extinguishing the flame. If you don't do this, you end up with a candle that only ever burns down into a crater (cavern) and all of the outer wax along the edges is wasted.

Have you heard this too?
Do you love scented candles?


  1. Your candle mat is so cute! I hadn't ever heard that about candles before. Happy stitching!

  2. Such a delightful mat for your new candle. Lovely idea.

  3. You have captured our Aussie Christmas beautifully with that pretty candle mat.

  4. I do love a candle. Great EPP project. xx

  5. Indeed. This is very cute! That fabric is the perfect choice. I too love 80-weight Aurifil, but have it in only one color - a sort of gray - that still manages to blend in well with most any fabric color.

    I get a kick out of Australians who shorten every word. In fact, just last Tuesday while with our quilting group, I shared with them some your word! I don't know how we got on the subject, but having been to Australia four times, I kept a list as I heard them. I really impressed my friends! Sunnies; mossies; roo; brekkie; arvo; rug-up; queue; beetroot; capsicum; biccies; slice... I could go on and on. You-all make me smile.

  6. Cute candle mat.
    Yes, I was always told you should let the whole top of a candle melt before blowing it out. And I was told, never blow but snuff.

  7. Lovely candle mat. Yes i did know that about candles thanks to my daughter telling me recently but forget to do it. I have a snuffer as the wick is not supposed to be blown out either.

  8. The candle mat has turned out so well... perfect fussy cutting...



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