Super Quilted Clam Up Pouch

This month, Aurifil Artisans were challenged to create a project which includes both machine and hand quilting. 

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll probably know how much I love this. Perfect machine stitches sitting happily beside big stitch hand quilting (which isn't so perfect).

After making a couple of Clam Up zippered pouches earlier this month, I decided to have a try at making a heavily quilted version of the large size pouch.

I fussy cut the print to have the two facing swans in the centre of each side of the pouch, layered it with the inside fabric and the soft and stable (foam stabiliser) and quilted the panel. Straight lines approximately 1/2" apart, using my machine presser foot as a guide. I used Aurifil 50wt #6722 in cream (my favourite piecing and quilting colour by Aurifil).

Once the machine quilting was completed, I traced out and cut the pouch using the template. I then go to my favourite bit - big stitch hand quilting.

I chose Aurifil #2510 in 12 weight to hand stitch between each machine quilted row. It's a light pinky/lilac and blended in nicely with the print fabric.

The next stage was putting it all together. I my previous pouch, I used the ByAnnie zippers - which are amazing! They have wide tape which made sewing them much simpler than a regular zipper, like I used here. But hey, I figured it out and it worked okay.

For the inside of the pouch, I used a very pretty floral print, also by the Rifle Paper Co from a few years back.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out and will be keeping this pouch for myself. But in saying this, I'm totally addicted and will probably make another pouch (or three) before long.


  1. My concern would be how did the hand quilting go through the Soft & Stable, did it stitch hard? The pouch is very cute and very practical. They would make lovely birthday and Christmas presents, happy stitching!

  2. that looks cute - I didn't know the ByAnnie zippers were wider in the sewing area that sounds good

  3. This is gorgeous. I went through a pouch making time a few years ago when I made of kinds and everyone got them as presents but haven’t done any for a while.

  4. Cute pouch. How did the hand quilting go through the batting? Hmm, those look more like storks, to me than swans. LOL

  5. Wonderful. Very lovely. I just picked up a few tips and ideas reading your blog today. Thank you. I might try this pouch just like you are doing it. Great item to try some big stitch quilting on.

  6. Nice work on the pouch. What a great gift idea.

  7. That's lovely Anorina I have some Tula Pink fabric that might be just right for those .


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