Catch-Up and a Holiday

It's been hectic around here lately. Hec-tic!

I've been quite busy with work and home life as well as looking after dad, making sure he's taking care of himself and doing okay (along with a little of necessary nagging).

I have also been working on a secret quilt project for Island Batik. The image below is when I was at the basting stage. 

The full reveal will be on Tuesday and I have to admit, I'm super proud of how this quilt turned out. For a person who doesn't like working with HST's, I had to make and trim lots and lots of them for this project.

Husband is meant to be on annual leave, but has been busy with his fun "weekend" job at the flying school. 

My son has just completed his Year 11 exams - he starts Year 12 work next term. Seriously, he was only just born the other day and is already looking at his last year of high school. On top of this, he has two casual jobs and his beloved Air Force Cadets. Did I mention he's also now learning how to drive and wants to learn to fly in and around all of that? Busy isn't a strong enough word.

My daughter has been working hard at school and is doing very well at her casual (after-school) job, being rostered on 4 or 5 shifts per week. She may complain a little bit about going to work, but is happy when she's actually there hanging out with kids her own age plus she especially loves pay day. 

Now in saying all this, we're off on a holiday tomorrow. It'll be our first time away since 2018 and we are all sooooooo ready to get away.

We'll be on a 12 night cruise up the east coast of Australia to Papua New Guinea and back to Sydney, just in time for the kids to go back to school for Term 4.

Today, I went through the craft-packing stage. Trying to decide what to take along on the journey, what I realistically may want to work on and basically, projects that won't take up way too much space in our limited luggage.

I bought this panel by Natalie Bird last week from work. The fabric had just been unpacked and I just knew that I needed to buy a panel to stitch while on holiday.

Along with this Christmas stitchery, I've also packed some applique (I'm remaking the freeform rainbow project in turquoise grunge fabrics). I've packed a little bit of kantha-style stitching on a lovely soft lawn fabric panel. I also have a couple of balls of yarn and a crochet hook (just in case).

I think I have enough to keep me going for a while. What do you like to take away with you on holiday? And more importantly, do you get much done?

Don't forget to come back through the week to see my newest quilt along with a chance to win some gorgeous fabric, with thanks to Island Batik



Kaaren said...

Hi Samelia! I'm a grandma in CA, and when I went on the Hurtigruten out of Bergen, NO....up t the Arctic Circle and back again for two weeks, I took a kit for an Advent Calendar to make for my kids. It worked out well: packed a quilted dinner-type placemat, and each time I wanted to work on, used that to put my little bits of beads and shiny things on, and the quilt marks kept them from rolling around. It was a successful idea. Right now, I'm attending a new small group once a week, and because the space is not conducive to setting up a machine, I started a Kantha (Placemat, starter project) to see if I like the process. I'm using your blog as inspiration. Thanks to you, this old grandma is back stitching after downsizing, relocated and losing my mojo! Have a grand trip! And thanks for your contribution to my world.

loulee said...

Enjoy the break, it sounds lie you all deserve it.
I've had most success with holiday crafting when I take along my crochet, it's so easy to pick up and put down. I travelled all over Europe while making a king size crochet blanket, no restrictions on that trip, but later trips I've stuck to baby/cot size projects.

cityquilter grace said...

a exciting! i took along some applique baskets...lots of some done...and also some cross stitch before a nasty cold sidelined the natalie bird stitcheries!

Maria said...

Sure is busy at your place so you do deserve your holiday. Enjoy.
Nice projects you’ve packed if you get time to stitch.

kiwikid said...

Have a wonderful time on the cruise. I usually take hexies with me on holiday.

Janice said...

How wonderful that you finally get a decent holiday. I’ve brought a whole tub away with me in the caravan, but realistically only did some stitchery and EPP. I know now that they are the best projects for me, plus some simple crochet.

FlourishingPalms said...

I'm happy for you to have a get away! Sounds like your children are keeping you on the go. I cannot imagine having a child who wants to learn to fly AND drive at the same time! That would surely cause lots of gray hairs! I hope your cruise is a FAMILY vacation so you can all stop and appreciate each other for a while. I never share anything before a trip, first for security sake (unless someone is staying in our house), and second because I don't want to make a commitment to accomplish any projects I take along! Ha, ha. No one knows what I do or don't get done! But in fact, as we most often drive many hours by car, I often accomplish a lot as a passenger. Your Christmas stitchery looks fun! I don't make Christmasy things anymore because Christmas is just the two of us, but I remember many years of making such things. These days I look to create stitcheries that are non-seasonal, like that wonderful rainbow appliqué you're doing again. Can't wait to see what that one looks like. Hope you have a terrific time away!