FNSI: August 2022

Well it's two weeks post-covid and I'm still not back to normal, but way better than I was a week ago. I thought I'd spend lots of time in the sewing room during ISO but I think I spend more time making sure the couch wasn't going to float away. 

I did manage to 'almost' catch up on Virgin River on Netflix (still a few eps to go) and I watched lots of The Great British Sewing Bee on BritBox. 

This week, I finished a custom cushion for a lady in WA. Her mum passed away and she wanted a patchwork cushion in memory of her mum - in her mum's favourite colours (pinks, greens, yellows).

I think it turned out nicely and I love these colours/prints. They feel fresh and very spring-like. Gosh, spring is getting close and I am ready for the weather to warm up a little.

I worked yesterday and came across this cute fabric a customer was having cut. I don't usually like panels, but gosh, these Aussie animals are so cute!


This fabric is called Aussie Friends Summer and is designed by Elise Martinson for the Devonstone Collection. I've looked at Elise's website and found her online store where you can purchase her fabrics, or even these cuties as art prints or greeting cards. So much fun!!


I took a quick picture of each of the animals - I love them all although there's something about the platypus (eating watermelon) that caught my attention the most. Isn't he a suave (and happy) fellow?

Last night, I didn't get to do any actual sewing, but I did finish writing up a quilt pattern for Homespun Magazine. That's sewing related, right? I'm glad that it's done now because it means I can play around in the sewing room on the weekend without worrying about a pattern that needs writing. Yay!

Check out what everyone else got up to with Wendy for the August FNSI.


  1. hope you feel better soon. I started to watch Virgin River but never completed it - must check it back out.

  2. That is a very cute panel. My friend just told me there is another season of virgin river that I haven’t seen. I’d better catch up.

  3. very cute panel....Ive been keeping the lounge secured also.......Ive also done no sewing and living in the Chookshed..........

  4. Over a month post covid for me and still not there yet so don't be surprised if it takes a while... rest is best I am told. There are so many cute panels around.....


  5. Beautiful cushion and lovely saying on the back. That panel is super cute.
    Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  6. Oh dear! Rest up as much as you possibly can to avoid long Covid. Hope each day brings better health. The cushion is beautiful and a wonderful idea. I love the quote too. The animal panel is adorable. I can see them on cushions. Healing hugs coming your way.

  7. Hi Anornina! I haven't visited your blog for too long. So sorry to know you contracted COVID! Might that have been due to your new job at the quilt shop? Being exposed to customers? I'm really sorry to know it's brought you down for several weeks. My 92 year-old Dad contracted it last week and has been in the hospital, in isolation. It's been difficult because I live 18 hours away, but am trying to be in touch with him at least a couple times a day, and trying to make plans (along with my sister and brother) for his future care. I haven't been in so many conference calls in ages! Anyway, I'm sorry you got it, but are managing to continue to create. This is a lovely pillow, and will surely be adored. Love the stripe-y Tula prints you took home in July, and your amazing hexagedon quilt top! Wow! Keep feeling a little better each day. Hugs.

  8. The best medicine for Covid is rest. It took time for us as well to get back to feeling 100%. I love that pillow you made for the customer. The sentiment on the back brought a tear to my eye ... thinking of my Dad. Hope to catch you for the next sew along!


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