Stitching Kindness, Quilt Labels and Scones

I've made some more progress on my Stitching Kindness Stitch Along, finishing the latest installment over the weekend. I had a lovely time zooming with the Chookshed Stitchers (although Chookshed Chatters but be more apt) while working on the stitchery.

I think there's only one more set of words to come before the quilt pattern is released and we can put it all together. The original by Susan Ache (@yardgrl60) is a lovely red and white quilt. At this stage, I'll stick with my original plan of using some of my 1930's-style fabrics from my stash. Remember a few years back when feedsack and 30's prints were all the rage with quilters?

It's not too late to join in the Stitching Kindness Stitch Along which is hosted on the Aurifil blog - Auribuzz.

During the zoom, someone asked if we all make quilt labels. I generally do, but looking at a few of the latest quilts which I finished, I hadn't gotten around to making labels for them yet. 

I printed up what I wanted the label to say, transferred onto fabric with a zig pen, backed with fusible fleece and they're ready to stitch up when the mood (and time) strikes. I like having this type of portable project to work while on-the-go.

Last week, I was making some pizza bases and used some plain wholemeal flour which I had in the pantry. Yes, I'm still one of those mums who hides vegetables in food, lentils in the mince and wholemeal flour when I bake bread or make pizza.

Anyways, on the back of the pack, I saw a recipe for wholemeal sultana scones so thought I'd give them a try. They weren't too bad although the dough is a little stickier and tricky to handle, compared with how I usually make them.

Though not pretty, everyone ate and enjoyed them, so that's always a bonus.

If anyone wants to have a go, here's the recipe


  1. there certainly was a lot of chatter but I got lots of stitching done also........

  2. Huh. I never realized that you are a Brit till I read your thing about the scones. Sultanas gave it away. Tho I suppose you could be in Oz as well. Love whole wheat scones, btw.

  3. Yummy looking scones. My kids are all grown up and flown, but I still sneak extra veg in. LOL
    It was good to see you in zoom.

  4. It is always a fun Zoom session - definitely lots of chatter and laughter as well as the odd stitch or two. The scones look delicious.

  5. You are certainly making a considerable commitment to stitching your quilt labels. I always label my quilts but use a waterproof pen to write the details. At least that way I know they’re done. I think your 30’s fabrics will be perfect for the Stitching Kindness quilt . I laughed when I read Sumac’s comment about you being British! It’s funny how sometimes we don’t realise that others don’t know where we are based.

  6. Chatting is good too!
    I do love the little stitcheries . . . I may need to get them - for a future project of course!


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