FNSI - June 2022

Friday night, I joined Wendy and friends for Friday Night Sew in. It saw me juggling Sunny Joy quilt blocks with a side of Churn Dash quilt leader and enders. 

I'm happy to say that I now have 46 block finished... and only 18 more blocks to go for my Sunny Joy quilt. It's been a fun project and has certainly helped me sort out scraps and what I consider to be scraps. 

I went to Bunnings through the week and bought some good size baskets with lids. Each basket is now filled with scraps of a colour (except black/white, brown, purple which are together because I don't really have a lot of those scraps). It's a much better system than my previous zip-lock bag system, stashed in a tall washing basket. The washing basket can now go and live upstairs in the kids bathroom for dirty laundry.

The blocks measure 7.5" (7" finished) and fit perfectly inside of this napkin holder I got from Ikea a number of years ago. 

Last night, I printed up the free stitchery designs from Aurifil. The project is called Stitching Kindness and is a design by Susan Ache. 

The words are released weekly (in groups of 3) over six weeks and the quilt pattern to finish the project is released in late July. It's a great project where you can print up the templates and either create your own words, or use the words provided and it's a nice way to have some simple stitching ready to go.

The original is all done in red and white which is absolutely glorious! My plan is to use up my 1930's prints and am going to stitch with my aurifloss in matching tones. I'm normally a person who prefers to have a pattern all at once, rather than in little bits each week - let's see how I go :)

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  1. That Ikea basket is the perfect place to store your blocks until you put them together. I have had my scraps in bins for quite a while--makes it easy to find the right coloured piece of fabric. Are you going to show us a picture of your organized scraps? Lovely hand stitching project too.

  2. thanks for mentioning your baskets - I have my stash scraps in canvas boxes that are not holding up to the job and I need to find something to replace them - I've been having difficulty finding the right sizes I will check Ikea on line.
    Your quilt blocks are beautiful bright and cheery.

  3. I just love the prettiness of it all. Am in Melbourne now!

  4. You're flying through the Sunny Joy blocks.

  5. the blocks are beautiful.
    I have a layer cake of Good Karma fabric, I should try to make
    some of these sunny blocks because yours looks great with it

    Your embroidery is very neat and tidy
    Happy Sunday

  6. I simply adore your Sunny Joy blocks. The name is so fitting, with all that happy color. It's interesting to see what you call "scraps" because I wouldn't be able to make these blocks from my scrap bins; my scraps are much smaller. So maybe I keep "bitty bins"? :-) I'd love to see the "good sized baskets" you're using for scraps, and how you organized yourself. Also, your embroidery looks nice. It's apparent you're a handwork queen! Everything you stitch is just beautiful. In case you didn't already know, I'm a big admirer of your work.

  7. I love your Sunny Joy blocks!! Perfect name for them. I went down the rabbit hole for the embroidery project. That looks like fun too!

  8. Those are pretty blocks. It's obvious so much work goes into them. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  9. Love your blocks - they certainly are sunny! And the napkin holder is perfect. xx

  10. oh they look great......might need to make some......


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