Churn Dash SAL (Progress)

My Churn Dash quilt is coming along nicely. After making the first few blocks, I cut up more pieces for further blocks and these blocks were made as leaders and enders. 

It’s amazing how quickly a second quilt can come together just by feeding through clock components in the middle of other sewing. 

I was initially going to do bright colours with low volume backgrounds but have changed it up and will do a scrappy mix of bright backgrounds with low volume “churns” (is that what you’d call them?).

In other news this week, even after being repaired, my oven stopped working AGAIN. The timing was quite annoying as there was a loaf of bread, a home made pizza and a dozen cupcakes all ready to go in to be baked. 

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars to get the repairman out and then possible fix it (or not), we decided to just get a new one. Harvey Norman had a few different freestanding oven/cookers in stock so it was just a matter of choosing the one we liked best. 

We chose this shiny black one and I’m in love - if loving an appliance is a thing. What made us decide to ultimately go with this one is the burner placement on top. A couple of big burners on opposite corners (for large pans) won out as I honestly do most of my cooking on the stove rather than oven.

First thing I baked was a tray of cinnamon scrolls with cream cheese frosting. Yum!!

The teachers in our state are on strike today (second last day of term). The kids are so pleased with this and are hoping for an extra day off school tomorrow so that their school holidays can start early. Hmmm… we’ll see. 


  1. Oh I love hour churn dash design!! I honestly haven't made a churn dash anything yet but you have inspired me, thank you.
    And, if it is okay with you, I love your new range and oven with/for you. My rental's range and oven (separate items) are electric and from the mid 1970's.

  2. Lovely churn dash blocks. Hugs,

  3. Wow, bright and beautiful churn dashes.
    Flash new stove too. Yes, you can love an appliance. LOL

  4. Lovely churndashes.... so cheerful. I'm with you in getting a new thing instead of the fixing which costs and no warranty... it was a dishwasher for us this week.... your new stove looks great..

  5. I love your scrappy Churn Dashes, great fun. Those buns look delicious! xx

  6. Your blocks are lovely but that oven!!!! oh my. I would choose that placement of burners too

  7. Wonderful churn dashes , great colours, fantastic oven!! You will be cooling up a storm now.

  8. Lovely bright scrappy C/D blocks. You were lucky that the oven was in stock.

  9. Your churn dash blocks are so bright and fun. Switching up the backgrounds from light to colors adds lots of interest.
    Gosh, your cinnamon rolls look delicious. Mind if I stop by to try them? ;-)

  10. the churns dash blocks look great and yes it is amazing how fast things come together just a a leader/ender..........
    just looking at your oven I am in love........and I love gas.....whats the oven gas or electric......

  11. I would be in love too - especially with cinnamon rolls!!
    Your churn dash is amazing!!! its so great!

  12. Your Churn Dashes are lots of fun!! And I, too, would be in love with that stove!! Where I live we have only electric - not as good as gas!! Your sweet rolls made me hungrey!! Off to have some breakfast!!


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