Churn Dash SAL {Progress}

One of my most favourite blocks is the simple churn dash block. I've made a few quilts with this block in the past (listing of projects at the end of this post), but when Chooky mentioned making a churn dash quilt during a zoom session, a few of us decided that we needed to join her in making a churn dash quilt too #FOMO

If you visit ChookyBlue's blog, she has a list of the current Churn Dash SAL participants on her right side-bar all linked up to their individual blogs.

So I decided that I'd go with a scrappy version of a churn dash quilt. I'm a sucker for a scrappy quilt. Perhaps that will help me reduce the ridiculous amount of fabric scraps which I have in my overflowing basket. When I say basket, you may imagine a sweet little basket that sits on my table... oh no, it's actually a tall washing (laundry) hamper. Eek!!

Anyways, I started out by making 9" blocks as they're a good size.

And then I decided that I'd jiggle it all up and make some smaller churn dash blocks too. Gosh I hope my quilt-math is right and they all fit in together nicely. 

Apologies for the yellow tinged pictures. It's crazy weather outside and I tried to get out there for some pictures but the blocks kept blowing away.

I have a big mess on my cutting table, so I'll go and iron a few more scraps and cut out more churn dash blocks this afternoon. It's crazy windy out there so I think that staying inside is a good idea. 

Here are some of my previous churn dash inspired projects that I've blogged about:

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Bring me the Scraps Quilt - Publish in Homespun Magazine (2020)

Plus and a Dash Quilt 

Churn Dash Pillow (circa 2014)

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  1. Your blocks are very pretty. Hugs,

  2. Your churn dash blocks are very colorful, your quilt is going to be very pretty! I'm hoping to work on my churn dash blocks today, happy stitching!

  3. These are going to be fabulous m I like the scrappy look.

  4. Yours is going to be a very colourful churndash quilt.

  5. Your scrappy Churn Dashes are looking great.

  6. You are off to a great start.....I sadly am still digging through the stash and trying to decide on fabrics and item.

  7. oh these are going to be lots of what happened to the 3in runner????
    What are you making now.........and I checked out all your links and you have done some lovely churn dash projects.......

  8. Sweet blocks. These are great for scraps!
    I love making them too.
    My scrap bins are more like "dumpster size"
    perfect for tiny hsts, four patches and churn dashes indeed

    We have had crazy weather here too, too hot, too cold, too windy

  9. They look great! You're way ahead of me, I haven't even started! But I"m planning on doing scrappy as well... xx

  10. It is clear to me that you love making these blocks - the joy just shows in your work!!!

  11. Great start, loving these scrappy churn dash blocks!

  12. they are gorgeous! and aren't those tiny ones fun? love 'em

  13. Ohhh, your blocks are so pretty, I love the bright colours!

  14. Your blocks are lovely and I do hope your maths are correct lol. You are more game than I .

  15. Love these scrappy blocks! And those low volume backgrounds are wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  16. Love that your churn dash blocks are different sizes


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