Churn Dash Cushion

Another day, another cushion.

I used 4 left over 9" quilt blocks. I sewed them into the 2 x 2 configuration then fused some pellon to the back.

This was an evening hand-quilting project. I used a beautiful Aurifil variegated Mako 12 cotton (4654) to quilt along both sides of each seam and diagonally across the centers of the blocks.

The best part us that I sewed on my first ever zipper. First. EVER! I am super excited by the finish. It's about a million times better than the last time I tried ;and failed) to add a zip to a project.

Zippers - do you use them in your projects, or have you steered away from them (like me)?


  1. It's gorgeous and well done on the zipper! I'm yet to try.

  2. it's lovely! You know, I've never been afraid of zippers. I put one in within a few weeks of learning to use a machine so have never understood the fear!

  3. You did a great job. Would enjoy setting that on my sofa! :)

  4. love your cushion..... I have done zippers but never really pleased with the result.... I avoid them when I can..... hmmmmm

  5. Gorgeous cushion. I 'm scared of zippers too.

  6. Lovely cushion, and yes, I always put zippers into cushions. I learned to put them in when a teenager making my own dresses ... they invariably had a zipper to make a waist shape.

  7. The zip looks wonderful Anorina - well done on being so brave!
    I had to learn zips in Home Ec at school back in the 80s... had a Dragon of a teacher who accepted nothing less than perfection, so after a few disasters, I got it right & have never looked back.
    Now you will have confidence to do another one in the future!


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