Freeform Rainbow Cushion #2

When you can’t stop at just one rainbow cushion…

This one was made with a calmer palette sticking with pink, white, blue and brown. 

You can see my bright rainbow one here.

I used Aurifil 80wt cotton thread (which is lovely and fine) to needle-turn appliqué the rainbows.

I then pieced the blocks using Aurifil 50wt cotton thread and then did some big stitch quilting using Aurifil 12wt cotton is a variety of matching colours. 

Such a fun project and I should stop with the rainbows now that I’ve made a couple and work on something else.

The design is by Jo Avery and you can find out more about it on her blog


  1. that is a very pretty basket pattern, your quilting suits it perfectly

  2. It's pretty but I think I like the bright rainbow better.......

  3. And glad you mentioned what weight you used for what as I always forget what each thread can be used for........


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