More is more, right?

I’ve been slowly hand quilting my ‘Midnight at the Oasis’ with lovely colourful threads. I’m at the floral round - which is different from the original pattern.

I was about to start that section and thought that it needed more. More leaves. More blooms. Just, more. 

So I’ve cut some scrappy green fabrics in leaf shapes, some colourful circles for bloom and am slowly appliquéing them. It’s much trickier to manhandle and needle turn appliqué on the quilt now that it’s got the backing and batting. But, I’ll get there. More is more, right?

My son was really into filming and video editing for a while. He’s in senior high school now so doesn’t have much time so and has let me use his green stand to hang quilts. We tested it this afternoon and it’s perfect! I just need to find some rings with clips to attach the quilts for photos. 

And it’s a win-win for all of us as my quilt holders won’t be needed and I won’t have to hear how sore everyone’s arms are.


  1. I really like this quilt - I have the pattern - heaven knows when I will get around to making it!! I think it is the last pattern that I bought and so busy with about 8 others - your version is looking really good! love the touch of applique this quilt has

  2. Pretty quilt! I have thought about getting a green stand for the same reason. Then I can photograph quilts without timing it around my husband being home to hold them!

  3. It is a lovely quilt. Great idea to hang it. I've been looking for some of those clips too, it will be so much easier than adding a hanging sleeve everytime I want to display a quilt in my hall.

  4. The quilt is wonderful and I agree that "more" will make it even prettier.
    Great use of a seldom needed stand. It's perfect...xox

  5. I've been known to add more to a quilt once its been basted, so I guess it's doable! It's going to look beautiful-more is definitely more!
    I purchased some rings with clips from Spotlight that would be perfect for your stand! And at $7 they were a bargain!

  6. Anorina, this quilt is a gem. I adore it.
    Your son is amazing. I am so happy you came up with this idea.
    See...? this is why we have kiddos. They are our beloved treasures and we made them.
    You are very good with applique. I am messy.
    Curtain rings are good. You will need plenty so you to not have too much weight on one ring. Sewing and quilting and making stuff is such a fun and crazy hobby. We make beautiful stuff our houses are full of fabric, and best part, we stay out of trouble and behave ourselves (for the most part)
    I am so happy that you have a blog and share all of your massive creativity

  7. Looking gorgeous. Great idea to re-use the stand.

  8. A fantastic idea to show your beautiful quilt. It is good to add your own ideas to a quilt sometimes. Yours is looking amazing.

  9. I admire you for taking the time to hand quilt your quilt, and have even more admiration for you adding extra appliqué to it too! Wow! I have a friend who is a Jen Kingwell fan, and while on retreat last week, I watched her hand-quilting with black pearl cotton. There's no doubt that hand-quilting makes a quilt look fabulous! Glad for you to have a quilt now stand too. I bought one, but don't use it often. That's because I don't have a place in my house that's quite big enough - where I can step back far enough - to get a full quilt picture. And it seems that whenever I try to set it up for an outdoor picture, the wind plays havoc with the poles/stands, and they're blown over. I've had several quilts end up on the ground. I guess I'll keep trying though because I don't have a willing quilt-holder.

  10. Your quilt is looking great - good on you adding the extra 'more' needed for that round - I wondered how tricky it would be to do something like that once the quilt was basted. Great score with the stand!

  11. That looks good...... Lucky you could sack your quilt holders.... No crawling now to get a photo taken......


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