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It's been a very scattered week for me without a lot of sewing so when I saw Wendy announce that it was time for Friday Night Sew In, I signed up and settled in to my sewing room.

This past week or so, I've been playing around with my Crossover II machine and the littlest tumbler die to make dresden plate blocks. 

It's been a lot of fun making these blocks and joining in the dresden fun over on instagram. Some people have made dresden plates small enough to use on a key ring. Seriously amazing stuff! You can go and see them under the #tinydresdenparty2021

I've made a few different ones so last night, I put 4 of them together which I think will make a fun cushion. I do think the middle of needs something more so I put it aside for now until I decide how to finish it.

I have made a few of my EPP geranium blocks and rather than cut out more papers (even though it is quite easy with the Crossover II ) I decided to start appliqueing them to their backgrounds to reclaim the edge papers. 

I ordered this gorgeous green solid fabric from Spotlight, which is one of my most favourite colours. Each block is 19" square so it won't need many more to made a nice size quilt.

Geranium Delight Quilt by Anorina Morris

As I'm putting it together, I'm thinking about the quilting. I would love to hand quilt it, but know that if I do go down that road, it'll be years before it's actually finished. I've had too many longgggggg projects lately, so it may be best to just machine quilt it and move on.

In other exciting news, we were finally allowed out of lockdown this week. After 106 days of stay at home orders, we were able to go and visit family and friends in their homes (with limits of course) and retail was finally reopened to the public. 

As these stores didn't sell as much as they probably would through the winter, they reduced the prices on tonnes of clothing to make way for the summer stock. Yay! I picked up a lot of clothes for me, my kids and hubby as well as my sister and her kids. Not only were we finally let out, but we scored some bargains!

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  1. Both the small Dresden’s and you Geranium blocks are lovely…
    Fantastic to be able to go out again visiting and also shop for some bargains…

  2. Love your Dresdens, very pretty. The background for your geranium blocks are gorgeous. Hugs, xx

  3. Such cute little Dresdens! They will make a great pillow!

  4. Sweet dresdens. And yay for shopping.....definitely a good time to grab a bargain or three.

  5. Your little Dresdens are sweetly adorable! It's nice that you have a machine for cutting them, as I can imagine how tedious it would be to cut each blade by hand! For the pillow you plan to make from them, how about perle-cotton hand quilting a ghost Dresden in the center, where the four blocks meet. Then you could machine quilt the rest of it. I'm very happy for you to be able to go out and about for a change! What a LONG time you-all were in enforced lock-down! I can't imagine. Glad you found clothing bargains too! Here, we're seeing less and less merchandise in stores, even with Christmas coming. Our US economy is heading the wrong direction (I could place blame and say a lot more about why that's happening!). Here, it will get much worse before it gets better. Just take a look at the rising price of cotton! Pretty soon, we'll be paying as much per yard as you do per meter. We're almost there now!

  6. Beautiful blocks Anorina, and so good to hear you are able to get out again, also good you got some bargains.

  7. Wow, really beautiful. I need to go investigate some of the tiny dresdens.

  8. All your blocks look terrific. I love the way your dresdens are turning out. It must be so good to be out and about again after such a long lockdown. I’ve been strong and avoided the clothes shops. Just visited Spotlight, but ours hasn’t had many specials.

  9. Your Dresden blocks are lovely Anorina. As are your geranium ones.

  10. Love the Dresdans and the Geraniums...

  11. The blocks look good. Glad your out of lockdown......


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