Taking Stock : September 2021

It's been a while since I've taken stock, so I thought I'd sit down, catch-up and do a September post. Can you believe how quickly this year is zooming along? It's practically October and in a blink, we'll be celebrating Christmas.

MAKING:  I managed to get a few things finished this past month. A few were longer term projects and some were quicker finishes.

My rainbowy orange peely temperature quilt is now done - YAY! 

I also made and shared the pattern for an Autumn table runner (below).

My Berry Pie crochet blanket was finished. 

Most recently, I made a new set of Green Geese place mats for Crafters Edge.

COOKING:    This delicious chorizo pilaf. It's very tasty but if you decide to make it, you don't need that many chorizo sausages included in the recipe. We think that 2-3 is plenty.

READING:    I've finished a couple of good books this past month. Both written by Chris Hammer, I finished Scrublands first and then finished Silver yesterday. 

I'm now reading Trust which is the 3rd book in the Martin Scarsden series. Atmospheric, fast paced and gripping plots all set in Australian locations. If you enjoy the mystery/crime genre, I can definitely recommend them for you.

HEARING:    Rain splashing on the pool mat, my son talking to someone while he plays computer games and my daughter talking with the dog, telling he's a good boy. Charlie had a bath today and he's extra fluffy and smelling lovely.

WISHING:    This lockdown ends soon and life returns to normal soon.

ENJOYING:    The scent of my sweet peas. They're usually the first sign that spring has arrived and their sweet smell makes me very happy. 

EATING:    This Jamie Oliver cauliflower mac & cheese. I made a big dish of it last night and we have some leftover for tonight. YUM!

BUYING:    Not buying just yet, but I have been looking at getting a new outdoor wicker lounge set for the back deck area. Somewhere comfy to sit and stitch. Hubby says it'll be a great place for spiders to live. Hmmmm... men!

WATCHING:    Atypical on Netflix has been quite enjoyable though it took me a while to figure out where I recognized the mum from... Jennifer Jason Leigh. She was in quite popular in films back in the 80's/90's.

NEEDING:    New swimmers

WEARING:     Daggy walking clothes. I'm about to take Charlie out for a walk around the block to tire him out a little bit. We're still not great at walks - he spends the whole time pulling on the harness trying to run ahead. 

FOLLOWING:    Messy Nessy Chic - a quirky website with information about some of the most obscure things which I didn't know that I wanted to know more about... if that makes any sense. Go check it out.

SORTING:    Not just yet, but I want to sort out our Christmas decorations this year and dispose of some of the older stuff. Tatty old tinsel and broken baubles have to go!

SAVING:    For our next overseas holiday. So many places I'd like to go and visit. The usuals, plus Alaska, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan

FEELING:    In need of another cup of coffee. How many cups of tea or coffee do you drink through the day?

If you'd like to take stock too, here's the list of prompts that I use. 


The original (longer list) Taking Stock can be found at Meet me at Mike's blog.


  1. Great finishes, good reads, yummy food and things to look forward to.....sounds good to me.

  2. Great review kf what you have made, what is happening and what you would like to do.

  3. I like the idea of "taking stock." It really gives one pause to consider how life is treating you. Of course, I'm sorry for your continued locked down/quarantined lives. Hubs and I were just saying this morning how nice it is to be feeling almost normal again (we're in Florida), noting how many people we know who are getting boosters already, and mask-wearing is optional or non-existent in many places. Also, the news is promising for a COVID pill becoming available for those who refuse to be vaccinated and contract COVID. I'm happy for you to be reading; I continue to do the same. Your Charlie is a cutie-pie! And I love reading your dreams for travel. A visit to Scotland is number one on my list. Alaska is second. Hoping we can go somewhere in 2022 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!

  4. Taking stock is a great thing to be able to look back on, especially now. Your sweet peas are so pretty. It is still too cold for ours to come out yet.


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