Curvy Bliss Cushion

I made a cushion. Yes, I made ANOTHER cushion and it's joined the family of cushions in my home. The family of cushions living here (see photo at the end), greatly outnumbers my human family by around 17 to 1 (a possible exaggeration? Who knows!)

I've decided this cushion will be called Curvy Bliss as it's got curves (Drunkard's Path blocks) and it was a blissful make. 

The blocks measure 3.5" when completed and I did worry that these curves would be tricky, but they weren't as hard as I'd initially expected. 

I used a partial charm pack of Lori Holt fabrics which I had on my shelf and divided them into the lowish volume and medium/high volume. To cut the shapes, I used my Crafters Edge Crossover II machine which was perfect.

From each charm square, I cut out 2 convex and 2 concave shapes. I happily discovered that when cutting the concurve shapes, if I place the cutting die just right, I can get a leaf (or orange peel) shape from the centre of the charm square too. How fun is that!?!? 

I have a nice little stach of leaf shapes saved for a possible future project.

Once all of the blocks were completed, pressed and trimmed, I sewed them together into this 5 x 5 panel. I added a layer of batting to the back and quilted in the ditches between the blocks and also along the curved seam. 

Because I can't resist a little bit of hand work in my projects, I chose a lovely DMC emerald green perle cotton to sew little curves of stitches along the curvy shapes.

I added a zipper to the back of the cushion. It was the most perfect colour, but was a little short. A little bit of manhandling and I managed to get the cushion insert in to finish with a lovely full new cushion.

We had wind gusts up around 130 km/h here yesterday with a lot of sideways rain. Today isn't so bad, but still quite cold and blustery. I rushed out to get some pictures this morning when the sun popped out for a little bit and Charlie came along with me. Oh, how he loves to be involved in everything - including taking photos for the blog.

In other news, we started another sourdough starter a couple of days ago. We made sourdough during the lockdown last year, so figured that we should do it again. It's bubbled up nicely so I'm going to feed it and hope for the best. I'd love to be able to share a picture of a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread in about a weeks time :)


  1. pretty cushion. Love the colours. Hugs, xx

  2. Drunkards path is on my to do list for this year and now you have inspired me to make a start when seeing your pretty cushion cover.

  3. What an adorable cushion. I also have made so many cushions and pillows- can never have too many, right?

  4. Cushions are one of my favourite things to make. This is a fabulous cushion with lovely colours, red and aqua is one of my top colour combinations. I actually put a lot of my cushion covers away and rotate what gets into use because of space and also because of complaining husband!

  5. the cushion looks lovely............

  6. Love your pillows - and this one looks perfectly at home with the rest. Charlie is adorable - a real companion dog, it seems. Enjoy!

  7. I always enjoy seeing your new cushions - always pretty to look at :)
    Also, that you call them cushions (as here in the UK) - 'Pillows' are what we use on the bed. I sometimes get confused when reading some American blogs that make pillows/cushions :)

  8. Anorina, your pillow is incredible. You are realllly inspiring to me.
    You are using your fabrics and making great stuff.
    Your sweet Charlie is adorable. I love animals, well, dogs and kitties. They usually come right over to me. Charlie looks like a sweetest guy ever
    You are making bread. I love bread

  9. Wonderful cushion, your couch looks great with all the cushions.

  10. Love it. I made blocks like that in the RSC Challenge last year to make cushions. You’ve inspired me to get them out and finish them off.

  11. It must be cushion season! This one, the one I finished this week and your latest one for the magazine! They all look fabulous on your pretty aqua sofa! And the drunkards path block is so versatile. Happy sewing!

  12. So many beautiful cushions. I've often thought about doing one, but actually I've just made one single in my life.

  13. This is adorable, I love the hand quilting and the prints. Thanks for linking up to the Favorite Finishes Monthly Linkup Party!


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